Crystal Cyclone Slot Machine by Konami

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Win Big with the New Mechanical Jackpot Feature from Konami

There is nothing like the excitement of landing one of the big features in slot gaming. Some of these features might involve you gaining a number of free spins, wild filled rounds or jackpot opportunities. However, slot gaming is always an individual pursuit. Imagine if you could share this bonus excitement with other players? The new ‘Crystal Cyclone’ format allows you to do exactly that. A number of players can all look on together, as the large mechanical wheel spins and balls fall into winning slots roulette style.

The following guide to the Crystal Cyclone Jackpot slot format starts by explaining exactly how the system works. Next, you’ll read exactly the types of slots you’ll find using the Crystal Cyclone format, focusing on two slots. The guide finishes by detailing other ways that Konami add further excitement to their slot gaming.

How Crystal Cyclone Works

You certainly won’t be able to miss the ‘Crystal Cyclone’ jackpot slot system.  You’ll find it bang in the centre of a number of slots organised in a circle around the exciting bonus system. The central cyclone is housed in a glass frame and the appearance slightly resembles a roulette wheel. However, this wheel is way more colourful than your traditional roulette wheel. Around the outside of the wheel, you’ll have flashing lights signifying exactly where the jackpot or the big money slots are. In the centre of the wheel you’ll find constantly changing information displaying jackpot amounts and game updates.

The number of slot ‘stations’ around the outside of the crystal cyclone can vary. You can find this system with a minimum of eight stations positioned around the cyclone, while this number can increase to an incredible 100 stations.

When the action on the wheel starts you might be surprised to see more than one ball in action. Each ball represents one of the players around the outside who has entered the bonus feature. The more stations around the cyclone, the more balls you might see in play. Instead of the small silver balls you’d usually see in a casino, the crystal cyclone uses large, colourful, red balls. This makes it easy for all of the players to see the action clearly and adds a further buzz to the game.

Eventually, when all of the balls have settled into their slots, the players will know the outcome. Being a ‘shared’ Jackpot system, all the players will win when one of the balls lands in a premium slot – possibly a jackpot. Listen out for a large, collective cheer!

How to Win the Crystal Cyclone Jackpot?

The Crystal Cyclone slot machine Jackpot format is designed to be used with the leading slots in the Konami range.

One example would be ‘Castlevania’, based upon the classic Konami console game. This slot follows the adventures of Vampire hunters Aeon and Simon, as they ultimately try and track down the ultimate vampire – Count Dracula. The bonus feature can see you lock horns with the famed horror character. Perhaps you’ll take a trip to the Crystal Cyclone to reap your reward.

Another game of note would be ‘Herd of Wins’. This exciting Konami design sees matching stacks line up on the reels with potential re-spins. These re-spins come with an exciting 3D format, with the promise of big wins across many win lines. Throw in a ‘Crystal Cyclone’ Jackpot opportunity too for the excitement levels to go through the roof.

Konami Features

As well as the Crystal Cyclone Jackpot system, Konami use a number of other ways to enhance their slot gaming above the norm.

‘Action Stacked Symbols’ are used across much of their range. This system sees a single symbol chosen at random to fill much of the reels. This gives the player many opportunities to win those large multi win-line pay outs that can make a huge difference to your bankroll.

‘Mirrored Reels’ are used in the free spins bonus feature of a number of games. As the reels spin, you’ll see reels 1 and 5 reveal the same symbols, while the same occurs with reels 2 and 4. This leads to the left-hand and the right-hand sides of the slot being a mirror image of each other. This system ensures those large 5 in a row wins are easier to land.

Crystal Cyclone Jackpot Slots – Summary

Konami have always been a company who have liked to innovate and with the Crystal Cyclone format, they have come up with a winner. All of the players involved will share the potential jackpot experience, creating a community feel that you simply never find when slot gaming. High fives all round!