Wheel of Fortune Slots

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This game is so good that the bonus game is almost “icing on the cake.” You still need the bonus game to go up in money comfortably, but you actually have a legitimate chance to go up in money without ever even having to use the bonus in this slot machine, and that is saying a lot.

Another cool thing about this slot machine is the way you are able to bet. You can bet 1-9 credits on five different pay lines and it enables you to come up with some pretty cool betting schemes and betting options. The graphics are also very good for a Virgingames.com slot machine.

Wheel of Fortune Slots Wild Symbol

The wild symbol for this one is the word “wild” stamped on a screen where the letters usually go in the game “Wheel of Fortune.” It is not a scatter or multiplier symbol and its only job is to substitute for all other symbols besides the bonus symbol and the “bonus jackpot” symbols.

Wheel of Fortune Slots Bonus

The bonus game is a spinning wheel that has different amounts of credits on it. Every time the arrow lands on a spot with credits, it is replaced, along with 3 other spots, with bankrupt spots. After each win you have the choice to keep spinning or take the win. During the course of your regular play, “bonus jackpot” symbols that appear anywhere on the reels add credits to your jackpot possibilities on the bonus game (the jackpot is just another potential spot on the wheel that the arrow may point on). To get the bonus game, you have to have three bonus symbols line up in the first three reels on a pay line.

This is a very good slot machine. Like I said, the bonus is “icing on the cake.” It isn’t one of the best bonuses out there, but the game doesn’t need that good of a bonus game, it just needs a decent one to be lucrative.