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Celebrity News and Gossip Gets a Live Casino Slot

TMZ started life as a website, specializing in celebrity news and gossip. Thought successful, things really took off in 2005. TMZ got to bring their unique style of reporting, and hugely popular content to the TV. This show is still running, and now has a fast-moving casino slot from IGT to entertain fans. This is packed with bonus games, celebrities from the show and has plenty of big win-potential.

News features heavily in the game-play. A breaking news on-reel feature can bring wins from nowhere, nudging stacked wilds onto the reels. There are 3 bonus games, including a wheel bonus which can award some jackpot sized prizes.

Bringing You News of the TMZ Slot Setup

Despite the fast pace and multiple bonus games in the TMZ slot, the reel setup is standard. You will spin on a 5-reel, 3 row grid – which has 30 win-lines crossing it. You can spin from just 75c a time (which includes all the bonus features). It is possible to add a 10x multiplier for the high rollers out there.

While you can access all the bonuses at any spin cost – upping your bet will give you access to the bigger jackpot prizes.

Show Host Winning Symbols

The hosts of the TV show feature heavily for the higher paying symbols. You’ll find them in various poses, including shrugging the shoulders and hand on head. There are also symbols which show celebrities dressed up and standing in line to go to a club.

There are no playing cards or other filler symbols. IGT has kept things on-topic by using images which will be instantly familiar to fans of the show. These include a cameraman, police siren and even and old VHS video tape.

Stacked Wilds and Breaking News Feature

Long yellow strips of wild symbols can be seen spinning past the reels. These appear on all 5 reels – and will often help to connect symbols over multiple win-lines.

After some spins you will see a breaking news alert appear over the reels (together with a voice-over). When this happens, any wild stacks which are partially on the visible reels will nudge up or down. This can sometimes make several reels completely wild, creating bigger wins out of nowhere.

3 Bonus Games with Win Multipliers

To trigger the bonuses on the TMZ slot, you need the letters T, M and Z on reels 1, 3 and 5. The ‘M’ will often have a multiplier attached to it. This is a welcome sight, as that multiplier will apply to the whole of your bonus win.

One bonus lets you search a map for celebrity sightings. This is the ‘Celebrity Safari’. Here you see a map of the US, with various venues where celebrities hang out all over it. You keep picking, spotting celebrities in different animations each time. Some will award cash prizes, and others will give you multipliers on future wins.

A wheel bonus starts with a courtroom scene. Here you will see 5 excuses for your ‘bad behaviour’ and must pick 3 of them. You can get extra spins on the wheel, or even extra pointers to get more than one win. You then swipe the wheel, which will stop on anything from small credit wins to big multipliers.

The final bonus is a free spins game. This entertaining bonus involves celebrity mug-shots! After you complete your bonus, any multiplier you got from the triggering spin is applied to the entire win.

Lively Slot Design

TMZ is a fast and lively slot – designed to fit in with the quick edits of the TV show. There are plenty of game-show like voice overs while you spin. The graphics are smart, though not at the same level as some of the movie or TV tie-in slots from IGT.

Things really do come to life in the bonus games. The safari bonus has an animation, and strange caricatures of the show hosts each time you make a pick. I also like the animated sequences which kick in before the bonus games.

Is the TMZ Slot Worth Gossiping About?

Fans of the TV show will certainly enjoy this slot – and understand the many references to badly behaved celebrities which occur throughout play. This is a faster, livelier slot than many from IGT. Stacked wilds help to keep the base game interesting. Any spin can see the breaking news feature, with multiple wild stacks possible each time. The 3 bonus games will also help keep you engaged in the game. If you get a big multiplier on the triggering spin, these could end up being very profitable.