The Hangover

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4 Sets of Reels in this Blockbuster Movie Tie-In Game

The Hangover was a box-office smash back in 2009. This film followed the escapades of a bachelor party in Las Vegas. The stars of the show Phil, Alan, Stu and Doug got into a lot of trouble, when Alan spiked their drinks. This movie went on produce sequels, though none hit the same level as the hilarious original. There are now two Hangover slot machines. This review will focus on the original multi-media extravaganza. I will mention the follow-up, The Hangover: Pretty Awesome, along the way.

There are 4 sets of reels in play in the base game. One for each of the characters from the movie. You will find plenty of randomly triggered on-reel features. The best bonuses come from a photo picks round. Here you can win entertaining second screen bonus games – and even progressive jackpots.

4 Sets of Reels in the Base Game

Having 4 sets of reels makes the base game intensive. There is Alan’s Reels, Phil’s, Stu’s and Doug’s. Each set has 5 reels and 4 rows of symbols. Those symbols come stacked and include plenty of wilds. This balances the smaller individual line wins over the 30 lines with bigger wins where you trigger multiple lines at once.

Betting the maximum will give you more picks in the jackpot bonus games – something to keep in mind before you spin.

Random Wild Features

Fans of the original Hangover movie will recognise the references to that when the random wild features kick in. These include a tiger claw (though no Mike Tyson) which scratches the reels, adding wilds. There is also a mattress, which falls onto the reels and bounces off – again adding wild symbols. The final random bonus involves a police car which screeches onto the reels.

Winning Combinations

Your biggest wins will come from the character symbols. These are different for each set of reels. The characters appear with the dots of movie film at the edges. Other wins again come from entertaining references to the movie. You will find the baby (complete with sunglasses), engagement ring, the chicken and Alan’s famous satchel.

There is no room for filler symbols like playing cards on this slot – everything is bang on topic.

Photo Picks Lead to Bonus Games

You can trigger the bonus features on any of the individual sets of reels. There are symbols showing the shots which Alan spiked on reels 1, 2 and 3. If you trigger all 3, the non-winning reels will black out, and you’ll see a clip from the movie.

Next you see a screen covered in polaroid style photos, with a welcome to Las Vegas sign pointing at them. To the left of these is a list of bonus games, each with between 2 and 5 gaps next to it. The idea here is that you keep picking photos until you fill one of the bonus features.

Most of the bonuses involve picks. There is Stu’s pick-a-tooth bonus, and Alan’s progressive. Here the number of picks you get depends on your bet multiplier. If you are betting the maximum, you get to pick all 6 items, which will include one of the progressives. The other symbols reveal cash amounts.

Alan’s Stun Gun Bonus

This one is worth a section on its own. It recreates the part of the movie where Alan gets tazered. You will see a clip, and then hit a big green button in the middle of the screen. The longer that Alan get zapped, the bigger your win. The game ends when the policeman pushes Alan over.

The new version of this slot has a wheel bonus game, and only a single set of reels. There are progressive jackpot prizes on both versions.

Design is True to the Original Movie

I like the way that IGT has kept this slot on-theme, without interrupting play too often for clips. These mostly kick in before the bonus features. The reels stop one by one, with the top left game finishing first and the bottom right last. This does help you follow the intensive action over 4 sets of reels.

Above the reels the cabinet is tall. This shows pictures of the characters, with their progressive jackpots alongside.

Will You Remember Your Session on the Hangover Slot?

With the movie almost a decade old, this slot is a timely reminder of the chaos on the big screen. It will certainly appeal to those who loved the movie. If you did not see it, the Hangover has plenty of entertaining slot action to keep you entertained, though some of the references might seem obscure. Get yourself into a ‘wolfpack of one’ – and enjoy IGT’s Hangover slot!