The Fates

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A Mystic Slot Featuring Three Sisters Who Control Your Fate

In mythology fate was personified by 3 sisters. They were not to be messed with, able to control your destiny in both positive and malign ways. In the Fates slot machine from IGT, you’ll be pleased to see those fate sisters appear. They look down on you from the top of the cabinet. On the reels you will find glowing crystal amulets and plenty of fiery wild symbols.

There are 3 on-reel bonus features – one for each of the sisters. These are triggered via a special symbol on the middle reel. You can also win a free spins bonus. This continues until you have collected 4 special glowing crystals.

What Has the Fates Slot Got in Store for You?

You’ll immediately notice that the bottom symbol on the middle reel has an elaborate frame around it. This comes into play with the bonus features. Otherwise this is a 5×3 setup with 50 win-lines. It is a penny slot, making the minimum bet 50c per spin.

Higher winning symbols are colour coded amulets. Each shows a circle of gold, with a different coloured crystal in the middle. They represent the three sisters – and lining them up with trigger the biggest wins. Symbols come in small stacks on the reels. This makes it possible to trigger multiple win-lines at the same time. This is where your ‘Huge Win’ messages will make an appearance.

At the lower end of the pay table are playing card symbols. Wild symbols which show the word ‘wild’ with a fiery background are also in play. These will connect other wins, often helping trigger multiple win-lines.

On-Reel Features: The Fiery Glowing Crystal

To trigger one of the three on-reel features you need to line up the special orange crystal with the frame at the bottom of the middle reel. When you do this, the slot will spring to life. You’ll see a rapidly spinning crystal ball and hear a voice-over which asks what fate has in store for you.

This can be one of three things:

Wild Multiplier: The middle reel will expand, showing one of the three sisters. This becomes completely wild, next a multiplier appears – up to 5x. This moves to the top right of the reels and is then applied to all wins from that spin.

Cash Prizes: This sister also causes the middle reel to expand and go wild. Next, all the higher paying symbols in view show a credit prize. These are totalled, along with any regular wins caused by the expanded wild. Your prize is the combination of the two.

Wild Reels: The last of the fates is the best random bonus. Again, reel 3 goes wild, showing one of the sisters. In this variation, you get 1 or 2 further completely wild reels. Depending on where they are on the reels, this can trigger a lot of winning combinations.

Choose Your Fate in the Free Spins Bonus Round

Bonus symbols appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. You need to hit all 3 to trigger the free spins bonus game. When you do this, you will see 3 symbols on the reels, and get to slide a marker to select one of them. These symbols then become stacked on the reels.

There is no set number of free spins. Instead you will see 4 holes in a row on the left of the reels. You keep spinning until you fill all 4 with the orange glowing bonus crystal. This ensures that you will have 4 of the bonus features (the same ones as the base game) before your free spins end. If you avoid these crystals for a while, you can have a lot of regular spins before your bonus ends.

Mystic Design

Graphics are classic IGT mystic slot fare. This is a richly produced slot, with plenty of animations and detailed glowing crystals. I like the expanding reels, which show a very detailed fate sister each time. There are the usual tinkling sounds and ambient tunes you would associate with this type of slot. A deep voiced lady does a voice over when you trigger the bonus features.

Does the Fates Slot Have a Big Win in Your Future?

If you enjoy the mystical slot themes, then IGT’s The Fates ticks all the right boxes. For the most part, the game-play is solid – then it springs to life when you line up the crystal with the frame. All three of the on-reel features has the potential to trigger a big win. I liked the one with extra wild reels the best. Add to this a free spins game where you keep spinning until you get 4 bonuses – and you have a slot which could easily lead to some big wins.