The Price is Right Slots Machine

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Plinko Slots is one of the best slot machines, or any other online casino, has to offer. It has good graphics, a good mix of combinations, two very fun bonus games, and very lively colors. The max bet of 45.00 is somewhat lower than most of the other games by IGT , but it doesn’t matter because you win more money than most of the other games.

The slot machine adds up all of the winning pay lines for the pay outs – it doesn’t just pay out the highest pay line only. If you are a frequent player at and usually always play the riskier ones with the higher max bets, I would recommend for you to quit those ones and start playing this one right away.

Plinko Slots Wild Symbol and Scatter Symbol

The wild symbol and the scatter symbol are the same thing in this one. All it is, is the word “wild” all jazzed up in cool colors. Five of them anywhere on the reels make up the scatter ward of 50,000.00 and five of them on a pay line give you the scatter award plus an additional 12,500.00 to make it the highest payout of the game at 62,500.00

Plinko Slot Bonus

The bonus you win the most is the “plinko” bonus. To get it, you have to get three “plinko” bonus symbols in three reels. The game then takes you to a screen where you have to drop a coin in one of three places in a box with pegs coming out of it in random places. At the bottom of the box are different sections with different values listed in them. The coin has a random journey from the top of the plinko box to the bottom.

Another good bonus game is the wheel of fortune. You spin a wheel to see how many credits you will win, and if you spin a couple times and get the right specific value numbers, you will go to another bonus game, where you pick tickets that have different prizes with different credits amounts attributed to them.

This is a really great slot machine. You win the bonuses so often that it is hard to get down too much in this one. I recommend giving this one a try immediately because you will soon find it to be one of your favorites as well.