Press Your Luck Slots Game

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This game is really fun. It has good graphics, fun sounds, and keeps you interested. It has a five reel, with five different pay lines that you have a chance to win up to 25000 on a single pay line. The game speed is pretty medium paced. Press Your Luck offers a max bet of 25 and a minimum bet of 5. The winning and losing is fairly evenly matched so you might want to try to change up your maximum bet to get different results.

I’ve found that you can play conservatively and still have a shot of winning big. Bonuses and wild symbols will help you out with the winning

Press Your Luck Wild Symbol and Scatter Symbol

The wild symbol in this game is a fun looking red smiley face. It takes the place of every other symbol excluding the two bonus symbols. If you get five wild on a pay line with max bet you get a payout of 25000! Another way to win big is to get three bonus symbols in a row to take you to the bonus rounds.

Press Your Luck Bonus Rounds

This particular game has two different bonus rounds. The first one is the Big Board Bonus. There is a screen that flashes different numbers and you have to push a button to stop it on a specific number that is usually pretty big. After every time you choose a number you can leave with what you’ve won or keep going. Every time you keep going more “whammies” are added to the board. A whammy is the same symbol as the wild icon in the regular game. If you hit a whammy you lose everything you had.

The next bonus is the slam stop bonus. You have the chance to win some serious cash here if you can stop it on the right number. Each symbol rotates a different amount and if you press your luck on the right one, it could really pay off.