Play Your Cards Right

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This is an exciting slot game based off the classic TV show. It has a high pay out with a five reel, nine line slot game. The graphics are fairly standard, but it has some fun sounds to go along with the graphics. If you’re looking to win big this may be the game for you. Be careful though, because it is easy to get caught up if you win big a few times. The speed can pick up fast so be careful how you play your cards or you can be on the losing end of these slots.

Play Your Cards Right Wild Symbol and Scatter Symbol

The wild symbol in this game is a king and queen on the same card. It only can replace the king and queen card symbols and none of the other symbols. This game also has 4 different scatter symbols. All of these say “bonus” and three in a row on a pay line brings you to a bonus round. These bonuses are the four types of cards, hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs.

Play Your Cards Right Bonus

The bonus round in this game involves a card displayed on the screen. You have to choose higher or lower than the previous card. If your guess is correct you earn more cash. The higher you go up the bigger the pay out becomes. The first line is all 45’s the second is all 90’s and the third or top line doubles your score. Total, you can win up to 810 cash. You also have the choice to change the card if you think it may be to hard to guess a higher or lower card. This gives u a huge benefit, but they won’t let you change it forever.