In Bloom

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  • Reels:
  • Bonus Features:
  • Coin Values $/£/€:
    $1.00 - $20.00
  • Max Coins:
  • Max Per Spin $/£/€:
  • Winning Lines:
    40 + Feature
  • Wild Symbol:
  • Scatter:
  • Progressive:
  • Software:

A Riot of Floral Colours and Unique Growing Symbols

In the 100’s of slots I have reviewed, In Bloom from IGT is the first one that deserves the world ‘lovely’. The main symbols are flowers. You’ll find poppies, roses and lilies on the reels, and the game is set in a colourful garden. While you play, classical music swells and then ebbs, evoking thoughts of lazy summer days in a beautiful garden.

When you win with flower symbols, they will bloom. You can get up to 5 flowers for every one that lands on the reels – making 15 of a kind wins possible. There is also a free spins bonus game. You get to pick a flower before you play. After this you will see a different garden scene – and pick one flower for a ‘bonus bump’.

The Seeds of Success: In Bloom Slot Base Game

You’ll play for 50 coins per spin. This is one coin for each of the 40 win-lines, plus 10 more for the features. With 5 reels and 3 rows of symbols, it might surprise you that you can hit 15 of a kind wins. Whenever you get a win involving 2 or more flower symbols from the left, you’ll see those flowers bloom. At random, each flower grows up to 5 individual pieces. This makes 15 of a kind wins possible. They do not always grow, some remain as single specimens.

Poppies and Roses: Winning Combinations

Bright red poppies are the best paying flowers. Beneath the single poppy you will see 4 further buds. You are hoping that enough bloom to make 15 of a kind. This will trigger a prize of 1000 coins. Those prizes go all the way down to 3 of a kind, for 10 coins.

Next on the pay table comes a beautiful yellow rose. This flower tops out at 500 coins for the full 15. Lilies and then water lilies complete the floral display.

There are playing card filler symbols, with unique designs, for the smaller wins. These symbols do not split – making the maximum win 5 of a kind.

Butterfly Symbols Trigger the In Bloom Garden Bonus

A special symbol showing an ornamental fountain with a yellow butterfly on top only appears on reel 3. You can get more than one at a time, and 3 of them will trigger a scatter win of 60x the triggering bet. You need 3 butterflies anywhere on the reels to trigger the ‘Garden Bonus’.

Before the bonus starts, you get to choose which flower will replace all the others on the reels. The highest paying flowers (poppies) come with fewer free spins. This is balanced by bigger prizes when you trigger wins with them. Here are the choices:

  • Poppy Garden: 5 free spins
  • Rose Garden: 8 free spins
  • Lily Garden: 10 free spins
  • Water Lily Garden: 12 free spins

If you choose more spins, you have more chances of hitting wins. Balancing this are the smaller prizes. As usual in these picks games, you can choose the option which appeals to your risk appetite.

When the free spins start, you’ll have a different background, showing a new garden with hills and sky in the background.

Bonus Bump Feature

Before you return to the main game, there is one more chance to give your bankroll a boost. The ‘bonus bump’ feature sees the reels disappear. They are replaced by a garden, with all the flowers in full bloom. This is a picks game, where you simply choose a flower and receive a prize in coins. You’ll get to see the prizes for those you did not pick before you leave.

In Bloom Floral Slot Design

Above the reels you will see an arch of flowers, with trees, mountains and even more flowers to the sides. The reels are set in a stone frame, and the contrasting colours of the main symbols make it easy to follow the wins – even though the reels are crowded.

Each flower win sees a small animation, where the flowers bloom. The classical music works perfectly with the game. There are also tinkling sound effects and electronic sounds counting up your wins. You will hear a different classical track during the free spins.

Is This a Blooming Good Online Slot?

This slot is more than just an enjoyable game. The smooth production, animations and relaxing music all combine perfectly. Small effects like a fountain of flowers instead of coins complete the lovely production. It is not all about the looks. A shot at 15 of a kind wins is welcome – and the free spins game is followed by a bonus bump for bigger prizes.