Double Diamond

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Classic Slot Gaming with Wild Multipliers

IGT have recreated a 3-reel mechanical slot, and you can enjoy it online. For those who remember the lines of slots with physical reels (and even real coins), this will be a trip down memory lane. For players used to more complex video slots, Double Diamond is an opportunity to see solid slot game-play at it’s best. You’ll find traditional symbols on the 3 reels of this game. They include bars, sevens and cherries.

Other than a top prize of 1000x your bet, the diamond symbols help make the game-play more exciting. These are wild (replacing any other symbol) and also have win-multipliers. Get 2 of them and you’ll win 4x the amount on the pay table.

Classic Slot Setup

You will only have one choice to make before you press the spin button. That is how much to bet. With just one win-line, there is no choice of 1 to 3 coins, and no advantage to betting larger amounts. The win-line goes right across the middle of the reels. Wining symbols will miss this line as often as they hit it. The good news is that when you do hit, the prizes are generous! If you are playing Double Diamond online, you will have the option to use auto-spin.

Double Diamond Wild Symbols

Symbols which show the logo of this slot, together with a pair of diamonds, are wild. They will substitute for any of the other symbols to help complete wins. There are three good reasons that these diamond symbols are worth hitting.

First, they have the biggest top prize – by a long way. Lining up 3 on the win-line will get you 1000x your bet. Second, a winning combination which uses a diamond as the substitute will double the value of that win. Third, if you get 2 diamonds, and one regular symbol, you get 4x the win listed on the pay table.

Regular Winning Combinations on the Double Diamond Slot

Red 7’s are the highest paying non-wild symbols. These are the classic symbols, seen on generations of both live and online slots. You’ll get 80x your bet for 3 of a kind (and even more with the diamond multipliers!).

Bar symbols follow. The standard 1, 2 and 3-bar variations are possible. There is also a smaller prize for any 3 mixed bars. Three of the 3-bars will get you 40x your bet, while the 2’s are worth 25x and singles 10x.

Cherries are the only symbol which do not need 3 of a kind to trigger a win. The smallest prize on Double Diamond is for a single cherry – that is 2x your bet. 2 gets you 5x and 3 are worth 10x. There are no bonus or scatter symbols on this slot – this is simple, traditional gaming at its purest.

Mechanical Slot Look and Feel

IGT has done a great job of recreating the original mechanical game for online play. There are some nice small touches, like the reels having a slight curved effect. The speed of spinning and clunks when the reels stop also help recreate that live casino feeling.

Above the reels you will see the slot logo. This includes 2 diamonds, with some purple and green decorative trim. The ‘D’ of the word diamond rests between these two finely cut gems.

Symbols are classics, these will be instantly familiar to players who enjoyed the mechanical slots of old. The only unique symbol is the double diamond one. This is the 2 diamonds from above the reels, in an oval symbol – complete with the name of the slot.

Electronic noises which warble when you spin also recreate that mechanical slot feel. There are ‘tunes’ (of sorts) for the different sized wins. The reels stop spinning with a satisfying clunk.

As a final design touch, the bets and wins displayed under the reels look like the old LCD displays.

Will the Double Diamond Slot Sparkle for You?

Slots did not reach their current level of complexity overnight, and Double Diamond is a great example of enjoyable play without bonus games or other gimmicks. The main draw is that top prize, with 1000x your bet possible on every spin. Having wild symbols which add multipliers to your wins is also a plus. This can take an ordinary line up of symbols and give your pay out a significant boost. Double Diamond has a place in slot history – chec