Baywatch Slot Games

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Baywatch slots is a new slot game incorporating the 90’s TV show “Baywatch.” It has real life pictures of the actors from the show along with other symbols that can be attributed to lifeguarding. It has a pretty good game speed, and the bonus comes fairly quick. It has a variety of winning combinations but the five reels make it somewhat difficult to obtain a big win.

Baywatch slots is amusing because of the icons you are winning with. The highest payout icons are Pamela Anderson, and David Hasselhoff. Who wouldn’t be amused playing slots with those two characters on there?

Baywatch Wild Symbol and Scatter Symbol

Baywatch Slots has one different wild symbol that helps you to win and offer a grand prize of 25,000 if you get three in a row! It isn’t a multiplier symbol however but it really doesn’t need to be. Three are also two different scatter symbols that can give you two different bonuses if three are in sequence on a pay line.

Baywatch Bonuses

There are two different bonus symbols for this game. One is three life guards that you click on to multiply your score depending on which lifeguard you choose. The next bonus is a rescue bonus where you are given the opportunity to spin a wheel with three chances to improve your score. I found the second bonus to be more profitable. The bonuses in this game are very exciting.

I would recommend this slot machine to everybody because it is fun and lucrative! The game makes you laugh more than anything and the reel life pictures are something that most slot machines do not have to offer. They look pretty good for real life pictures on a slot machine too! You’ll find yourself having a lot more fun on this slot machine than in other ones.