Quick Hit Black Gold

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A Classic Looking Slot with a Series of Modern Features

At first glance, Quick Hit Black Gold looks like a real classic slot. The range of symbols in the game will be familiar to all slot gamers – you have sevens, bells, cherries and bars. However, this is no vintage game. Within the game you’ll find a free spins bonus feature, which is way more involving than usual, as you’ll get to pick exactly how the feature plays.

The highlight of the game is the ‘Quick Hit’ format. The Quick Hit symbol acts like a scatter symbol, except that it goes much further. You can land a large number across the five reels, with incredible wins possible – some casinos even feature progressive jackpots awards.

Base Game and those Classic Slot Symbols

Head to any casino in the last fifty years and you’re sure to find a game with a similar mix of symbols to the ones on show here. Here, the red seven is the one you’ll want to land the most, as it offers the highest pay outs aside from the wild. A blue, gold-edged dollar sign, which is perhaps the least traditional of the standard symbols is next on the pay table. Next come the classic bar symbols. In a slight change, instead of showing the bars stacked on top of each other, here you’ll find 3bar, 2bar and 1bar symbols. Bringing up the rear in the standard symbols are the cherry and the bell.

The ‘Black Gold Wild’ symbol appears on all five reels and will substitute for any other symbol in the game. This wild is also the highest paying symbol in the game, worth more than double the win offered by any other symbol.

Quick Hits

The Quick Hit symbol appears on a number of Bally designed slots, including Quick Hit Platinum, Quick Hit Las Vegas and Quick Hit Pro. This symbol acts as a scatter symbol with a difference. A usual scatter symbol might appear just once on a reel, but the Quick Hit symbol can appear up to nine times on the reels. A usual scatter will activate a feature too. But the Quick Hit, as the name suggest, gives you a very quick cash boost. Some slots will offer ever increasing progressive jackpots for the more ‘Quick hits’ you land, while others will simply offer a set cash prizes. Whichever it is, these symbols ‘quickly’ boost your bankroll.

Free Games Fever

To enter the free spins bonus feature you’ll need to land the ‘Quick Hit Fever’ bonus symbol three times across any of the reels. You’ll now head to a screen where you’ll find 15 tiles, each showing a question mark. You’ll pick each of the tiles in turn, each revealing the type of free spins feature you’ll have. You’ll keep picking until you have matched the same bonus feature three times.

The free spins bonus rounds have a variety of formats. You might play the free spins with a 2x multiplier on every win, while you might get luckier and grab a 3x multiplier. ‘Locked Wilds’ always make for an interesting feature, where the potential wins grow as more and more wilds stay locked on the reels. Picking the feature in this way is so much more interesting than simply being told how many spins you have – raising the excitement levels.

Sevens and Bars – Quick Hit Black Gold Design

The design of this Bally slot can look slightly different based upon where you play it. Enjoy the game online and the game has a distinctly purple look. In the live casino setting, you can find slightly different versions too – you have both modern, slick looking games with a white background, and a version which plays out on the classic mechanical reels too. Whichever version you play, the mix of symbols will appeal to those who enjoy the traditional look.

Classic Gaming with a Twist – Quick Hit Black Gold Overview

Quick Hit Black Gold is a very entertaining slot from start to finish. The Quick Hit format itself ensures that any single spin can be a huge one, without the need to go to a bonus round. Line up those quick hits and you can leave the casino with a big smile on your face. However, there is much more to this game than just the quick hits. The free spins bonus feature is a winner all the way – you have the pick me set up and the variety of ways the spins will play out.