Playboy Hot Zone

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A Playboy Inspired Slot where the ‘Hot Zone’ Adds Wilds and Excitement to the Reels

Playboy magazine was launched back in 1953 by Hugh Hefner and a bunch of associates. The first issue of the magazine featured Marilyn Monroe as the centerfold, which was the perfect launch for Playboy. The magazine would grow from strength to strength and sales would reach over 7 million copies in the early 1970’s. Today, Playboy Enterprises Inc offer much more than just a magazine, with a presence worldwide in a number of mediums.

This Playboy themed slot is a popular one. The game takes a fun look at the magazine, featuring cartoon style Playboy bunnies and a caricature of the late Hugh Hefner. The Hot Zone adds a bunch of wilds to a number of spins, while the free spins bonus round is sure to be a profitable one.

The Base Game with the Hot Zone

The base game of Playboy Hot Zone is played on a 22-inch touch screen enabled LCD display. Look up and you’ll see a further screen, where the hot zone action takes place, as well as a smaller display at the very top of the cabinet displaying the title.

The game itself plays out on a 5×4 reel configuration and features a total of 40 win-lines. Each spin comes at the cost of the same 40 credits. The standout symbol in the game shows Hugh Hefner, complete with his trademark pipe and wearing a silk dressing gown, stood between a pair of Playboy Bunnies. One is a blonde and the other is a brunette, each complete with the trademark bunny ears.

A golden dollar sign in a bubble and a cherry symbol are the next highest paying symbols. The playing cards 9, 10, J, Q, K and A complete the standard symbols on the reels.

In this game you won’t land wilds on the reels in the usual way. Instead, this is where the hot zone comes. On the screen above the reels you’ll see a variety of different shapes fall through the reels – think back to the famous ‘Tetris’ game and you’ll get the idea of the shapes. Occasionally the shapes will be in place on the reels when the spinning stops. Every symbol encompassed in that shape will now turn into a wild symbol. Many of the shapes encompass just 3 or 4 wilds, but every now and again a huge 3×4 block will appear – if this lands on the reels, you’re in for a windfall. The hot zone adds a great deal of excitement to every spin.

Hot Zones Every Spin in the Bonus Feature

The final symbol in the game is the ‘bonus’ one, where the ‘O’ of the word bonus is the Playboy Bunny. Land three or more bonus symbols on the reels and you’ll enter the free spins round. Three scatters wins you 8 free games, four gains you 10 free spins, while the maximum five wins you 20 spins.

There is little doubt that you’ve entered the free spins round, as a blonde playboy bunny appears across the two screens, and the words ‘free’ and ‘games’ appear on two particular parts of her anatomy (one left and one right!). During the free games it seems that the Hot Zone will land on the reels during each and every spin, making winning spins that bit more likely. The feature ends with a bunny swaying her behind on the screen, with the words ‘The End’ prominently featured in that ‘area’.

Cartoon Fun – Playboy Hot Zone Design

Playboy Hot Zone has a tongue-in-cheek feel to it. The imagery is very 1950’s, with the cartoon style Playboy bunnies taking center stage in the game. With the ‘Hot Zone’ cluster appearing from above, the game makes full use of the dual screen approach. This Bally designed slot is colorful throughout, while the large diamond encrusted title at the top of the upper screen adds a touch of class to the proceedings.

Bunny Money? Playboy Hot Zone Overview

In today’s world, the Playboy Hot Zone slot might not be seen as particularly PC, the game almost pokes fun at the early days of the magazine. You have a cartoon Hugh Hefner in the centre of the screen, while the bunnies dance around him. You are also left in absolutely no doubt that you’ve entered the free games feature. With the Hot Zones throughout both the base game and the feature, each spin is made more exciting than usual. Overall, Playboy Hot Zone is a smile inducing slot, which will appeal to all.