Rubik’s Riches

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  • Bonus Features:
  • Coin Values $/£/€:
    $0.10 - $10.
  • Max Coins:
  • Max Per Spin $/£/€:
  • Winning Lines:
  • Wild Symbol:
  • Scatter:
  • Progressive:
  • Software:
    Ash Gaming

A Novel Slot Game Based on the Rubik’s Cube

I can’t think of another puzzle game which has had the same impact as the Rubik’s Cube. It was invented by Professor Erno Rubik, and first swept the world during the 1980s. Ash Gaming have come up with a novelty slot game themed on this cube. You’ll see a 3D cube on the reels, which will shrink and return in a new configuration each time you ‘spin’. There is some suitably 80’s sound effects and music to go with the theme!

Wins are calculated based on both lines and entire faces of the same colour. Big wins are possible, with you to 5000x your bet possible. There is a bonus feature, where you can play with multiple Rubik’s cubes at the same time.

3D Cube Setup of Rubik’s Riches

This is not a normal slot at all, there are no reels, win-lines or symbols to match up. Instead you see 3 faces of a Rubik’s cube, right in the middle of the screen. Each face has a 3×3 grid of coloured tiles. Before you play, you simply need to decide how much to bet. There are large blue + and – buttons for this, and the total is displayed above the play button. You can also choose auto-play, for up to 99 games at a time, and speed things up with the ‘turbo mode’.

How Prizes are Awarded

When you hit play, the cube will spin and appear to move away from you. It then comes back to full size with a new random configuration of coloured tiles. There are two ways that the payments are counted. First, the number of single lines. These can be horizontal or vertical on any one face and are totalled over all the faces. Second, there is a bonus prize for complete faces.

If you do complete a face, that is 6 lines – 3 in each direction.

On the left-hand side of the cube, there is a column for line pay-outs. This shows levels, from 1 through to 18. 1 line will return 1/5th of your total bet. You need 3 to break even, and 6+ to double your money on any one play. As you get to 12 and above, the prizes start to increase quickly. 12 lines gets you 20x your bet, 15 is worth 200x and the maximum of 4000 coins is available for 18 lines.

Face pay-outs are in parallel with the line ones. If you get all 18 lines, then you also have 3 faces – and so get the max 1000x prize in addition to the 4000x for the lines. 2 faces is worth 20x (and a minimum of 12 lines) and 1 face gets you 5x your bet.

Peel the Stickers in the Bonus Game!

Rubik cubes could be frustrating, and so a generation of kids succumbed to the temptation to peel off the coloured stickers and complete the cube that way! Triggering the bonus game by filling the coloured lights on the logo above the cube, will let you relive this ‘cheat’.

Each time you click on a sticker to peel it off, you’ll be given either an extra cube, or a number of free games. You keep peeling until you get a sticker which says start. You’ll now play up to 3 cubes at the same time, for a number of ‘free spins’. The lines and faces are not cumulative, instead each cube has its own prizes in parallel. This does give you up to 3x the chances of hitting a win. Your total will be displayed on the right-hand side – and the music takes a more upbeat 1980’s dance style for this part of the game too.

Faithful 1980’s Design

The smooth animations and bright colours fit well for this game. Add in those sci-fi sound effects and dance music, and you’ll be transported right back to the 1980’s! I like the use of square buttons, which helps with the retro feel. One of these buttons says, ‘change audio’. Check it out and see which cheesy tune you like best…

Can You Complete the Rubik’s Riches Slot?

I never was able to fully solve a Rubik cube, though if 5000x my bet had been of offer back then, I might have studied a little harder. Ash Gaming has come up with a novel and enjoyable game with Rubik’s Riches. This is nothing like a regular slot, though maintains the same feel and anticipation elements. If you get 3 cubes in the free games, you’ll be hoping for multiple faces for that extra big win.