Around the World

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  • Reels:
  • Bonus Features:
  • Coin Values $/£/€:
    £0.01 - £210.
  • Max Per Spin $/£/€:
  • Winning Lines:
  • Wild Symbol:
  • Scatter:
  • Progressive:
  • Software:
    Ash Gaming

An Arcade Game Where You See the Sights of the World

Around the World is a novelty game from the studios of slot software provider Ash Gaming. Instead of reels, you will see a board, with steps going around the outside of the screen. At different points along the way are some of the iconic sights of the world. You will recognise many of them, whether you are well travelled yourself or not.

As you progress around, you’ll find the sights of London, Paris, the Great Wall of China and New York. In the middle of this board are some designs from the history of travel. These include a plane with a propeller, ships in full sail and a hot air balloon. Beneath these reels is a dial, which is the way the game is played.

While this is a game of chance, it does make a refreshing change up from the regular reeled slots. The basis is guessing high and low, though there are some extra features to look out for.

How the Ash Gaming Around the World Arcade Game Works

You only have one thing to do before you play – pick a stake. The default on the version I played was $1, though it is possible to go as low as a penny per game (and much higher too). When you select your stake, the metallic dial at the bottom of the screen will move from side to side. This stops on a random number between 1 and 50.

A magnifying glass highlights the number chosen. Underneath this glass, you will find two orange buttons. One says higher and the other lower. All you need to do to enjoy this game is pick the correct direction. When you do some electronic sounding music plays, and the dial wobbles from side to side before stopping on a number.

Each time you get this choice right, you move one square around the board. If you get it wrong, it might not be the end of the game – that depends on several special factors outlined below.

Prizes are awarded each time you get to one of the cities. Paris, with the Eiffel Tower in view, is the first stop. When you hit a city, you get a choice. You can either take your prize (3x to 4x your bet) or continue to the next city and hope to get that same multiplier again. If you are lucky enough to make it all the way around to London, you could be looking at a 5x the initial prize!

Special Segments on the Dial – and Strikes

At the top of the screen you will see the word ‘Strike’ along with two boxes. This is a saver, allowing you to get one number wrong and still continue with the game. If you guess wrong, the first time an ‘X’ gets placed in the first box. The rule to keep in mind is ‘two strikes and you are out!’. As you pass the cities, you can clear your strike, starting again fresh.

On the dial, you will find 3 special segments, all with coded letters on them. These are RS, AS and AL.

RS stands for remove strike. If you get this segment, any strike you have recorded will be removed. This is ideal if you are close to a city, taking the pressure away from your next spin.

AS lets you advance one step around the board for free. You now return to the previous number to make your high / low guess.

AL is the best segment of all. This allows you to advance to the end of your current level. If you just started out on a hop between cities and get this one, the benefits are huge!

Design of the Around the World Game

Everything is on one screen with this game, with the main design and graphic elements right in the middle. The overall look of the colours is sepia, with greys bringing a retro feel to the game. This was more the age of explorers than the golden age of travel. Those sailing ships look stunning with their white sails. Sounds contrast with the visuals. Abstract electronic bleeps start whenever you hit the buttons.

Should You Get a Ticket for the Around the World Slot Game?

This is more a fun diversion than a seriously appealing game. The RTP is 96.95%, which is high for an online arcade game. You only need to guess numbers, which limits the game-play a little. The game is saved by the chance of hitting those bonus segments. Advancing to the next level can give your prizes an extra boost, without the risk of guessing numbers along the way.