Space Invasion Slot

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Space Invasion Slots is a very solid three reel slots machine. The features included on this machine were very simple but I thought that they really went a long way in providing for an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience. The first thing I noticed about this slots machine was without a doubt the symbols. There were a ton of symbols used on this machine. This was awesome in preventing things from getting boring and repetitive which is something that is always happening on the three reel machines that I play. There’s usually a downside to this in that the winning percentages are drug down to unacceptable levels but that really wasn’t the case on this machine. I definitely felt like on won much more often than I lost on this machine which made the game really engaging. The betting range offered on this machine wasn’t huge but it was good enough to make the slot accessible to a wide variety of players. The reels could be spun for as little as a penny or for as much as fifteen dollars. There was only one pay line offered on this machine which is usually a huge problem but it just seemed to work on this machine.

Space Invasion Slots Wild Symbol

The wild symbol was without a doubt the emphasis of the entire game. The symbol itself was a very simple icon that said “win” on it. This symbol appeared on every reel and could be used to substitute for any symbol in the game. I think that it was called the win symbol because every time it appeared on the pay line you were automatically awarded a prize. The coolest part about this symbol was that it was also a prize multiplier. Whenever one of these symbol was used as part of the winning combination the prize awarded was automatically doubled and if two were used to prize was quadrupled. This really gave players incentive to really root for and to get excited about this symbol..

Overall, I thought this was a simple but effective three reel machine. I don’t think you were really meant to sit down and play this slots machine for hours on end but if you were just looking for a short and sweet simple play then this was definitely the machine for you. I liked the fact that the designers at least added one bonus feature for players to root for as the game would have been pretty bland without this.