Pot O Gold Slots Machine

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Pot O Gold Slots is probably one of the most advanced three reel slots machines you can ever expect to play. There were a lot of various bonus features and special symbols included on this machine which is somewhat of a rarity for a three reel machine. I thought that all in all though this machine was a pretty big success and I really enjoyed playing it and was entertained throughout my playing experience. The first thing I noticed about this machine was the very sufficient betting range. It was exactly huge but it was good enough to make this slots machine accessible to nearly everyone. The reels could be spun for as little as a penny or for as much as fifteen dollars. As I said, not great but sufficient. There were also a lot of symbols included on this machine which I thought worked out for the most part. I kept things fresh for a pretty long period of time and the winning percentages weren’t hurt all that much by this as I felt I won on more spins than I loss which is the magic benchmark.

Pot O Gold Slots Wild Symbols

There were two different wild symbols offered on this machine but they essential did the exact same thing. The first wild symbol was a picture of an icon with a five on it and the other was a picture of a goofy looking leprechaun. Both of these symbols appeared on every reel and could be used to substitute for any symbol in the game other than each other and the bonus symbol. I think by them appearing on every reel it really helped the winning percentages and is why I didn’t really mind there only being one pay line. The best part about these symbols though was that they were also prize multipliers. If one of these symbols were used as part of a winning combination the prize awarded was automatically multiplied by five and if two were used then the prize was multiplied by 25. This was a really cool feature and it led to most of my big wins while playing.

Pot O Gold Slots Bonus Game

The bonus game offered on Pot O Gold Slots was activated whenever a single bonus symbol appeared on the fifth reel. The symbol itself was a picture of a the word “bonus” that sat in front of a rainbow. This symbol only appeared on the third reel and its only purpose was to activate the bonus game. When the bonus game was activated you were taken to a screen where there several different bags of gold that had a variety of prize amounts on them. You simply clicked on a cloud and it randomly selected a bag and this was the prize you were awarded. Not the most exciting bonus game every but I thought it was really effective because it was easily activated so it had a really big impact on the overall gaming experience which is what a bonus game should do.

Overall, I thought this was a very well executed three reel slots machine. Its actually nice to see some designers step outside of the box and actually include some decent feature on a three reel machine. I was starting to get really frustrated seeing the same old bland three reel machine and this definitely was a welcome surprise. Sometimes I want the simplicity that a three reel machine can bring without sacrificing all the excitement that bonus features can provide.