Retro Slot Machines

Many fans of slot machines have been requesting a return of their old favorites, or the retro slots, for enjoyment today, and many online casinos and real casinos have been offering them in greater quantities. Whether it is the nostalgia or just the good humor that is contained in many of these slots machines, the players very much enjoy these blasts from the past.

It is understandable that many veterans to slot machine gambling would request some of their great favorites to be enjoyed again, but what makes retro slots so popular among the entire slot machine crowd? For one, the entertainment offered by many of the older slot machines is something that simply is not attempted anymore, which can make for a less enjoyable gambling experience, even if the core mechanics of the slot machine is the same. An example of a great retro slot machine that has made a comeback is the Montey Python slot machine, which will occasionally blare quotes from the popular and quite hilarious Monty Python television show. Not to mention, the slot machine mixes many of the themes that people recognize from the original show, such as the parrot which is used to represent losing at the slots.

Casinos that Offer Retro Slots

As well as the retro slots being highly entertaining when compared to younger models, many of the retro slots offer interesting bonuses that mix up the game play enough to keep many people coming back for more. The Wheel of Fortune slot machine, for example, is not only still a highly popular progressive slot machine, but it also offers players a chance for a bonus multiplier which will multiply the amount of winnings the player receives by spinning the wheel on top of the slot machine, and yet another great example of a good retro slot machine is the Monopoly game, where the player can even play a bonus game akin to the actual game of Monopoly itself.

Several online casinos have begun offering digital version of many popular retro slot machines, such as the games previously mentioned. Many real casinos still offer many of these older games, like the Wheel of Fortune progressive slots which always see plenty of action on the casino floor.

The retro slot machines are making an obvious come back, and it is very much welcomed. Whether it be for the nostalgia, the great fun that is supplied by the retro slots themselves, or some of the bonuses that retro slots offer the players, these games show no sign of growing old and unwanted any time soon.