Play the Loosest Slots Online

A loose slot machine is perhaps every slot players dream. Finding a loose slot machine however can be one tough task. Loose slots pay back at a higher percentage than other machines. It does not matter what casino a player frequents, there will always be a myth behind the location of loose slot machines. Keep in mind; these slots are placed in casinos to attract more players and therefore placed in tempting areas.

Where Can I Find Loose Slot Machines

Loose slots are said to be found in many different settings. Perhaps the most popular is that the loose slots will be found beside or near a group of tight machines, in other words machines that do not have the higher percentage payback. Players assume this would be a perfect surrounding to hide a loose slot machine and finding it of course, is the one technicality.

Another parable regarding loose slot placement, is that the loose slots are placed by the entrance of the casino. Players believe that if a loose slot is placed by the entrance that people entering the establishment will be eager to play, due to the winning machines that are spotted immediately upon entrance. Also, loose slots have been placed by snack bars or eating/beverage counters to lure in the players.

Other Tricks of the Trade

Loose slots are advertised in most casinos with obvious tactics, such as a sign hanging above it stating that the machine payback is 97%; this just means that the long-term payback is 97%. In other words, the loose slot machine can spin over a million times before this payback is reached. Again, these machines will more than likely be set up in a centralized location, so that everyone can catch a glimpse of the machine.

A few more tips on locating the loose machines are to befriend some of the regulars at the casino who frequent the machines and know where the loose machines are located or placed. Sometimes, the employees that make change for players will offer up tips during the brief conversations while receiving change.

In closing, remember that finding loose slot machines is basically being a smart detective. If a player is patient and understands the ins-and-outs of loose slots, they are sure to find the location of the machines and receive the hefty payback. Always be careful when searching for loose slots not to wager completely on luck, but on knowledge of the machines.