High Roller Casinos

The people who enjoy high stake slots are a special breed of people who are somehow able to risk losing hundreds of dollars at a time for a chance at luck. The high roller slots players are not normally a group of players that have been catered to by many online casinos, but as time goes on more and more of the online casinos have begun introducing some high stake slots for these player’s enjoyment.

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Where to find High Stake Slots

In the past, the high roller slots players have been largely ignored, aside from the occasional high roller slot machine in a casino, but most online casinos catered almost exclusively to casual and low end players. Now, however, more online casinos have begun introducing large maximum bets on some of their online slot machines, placing them in the big winnings range. A few examples of some high stake slots that are available to choose from includes Intercasino which is named Thai Surprise, and allows players to place up to $500 on one spin, and the Riverbelle Casino, which has an online slots game with a maximum bet per spin that goes up to $250. One other example of an opportunity is offered by Golden Suns and the maximum bet is priced at $200.

The High Stake Slots

The slot machines that normally attract lots of high roller slots machine players are the progressive slot machines. Progressive slot machines have a large jackpot that continues to grow as more and more players continue to put coins into the machine, trying to win. Until a player wins this jackpot, it will continue to grow. This jackpot will often reach multiple millions of dollars, which is simply irresistible to most high stake slots players, despite the otherwise average payoff of the progressive machine itself.

There are a few, rarer normal slot machines that have ludicrous maximum bets, such as slot machines that let players bet up to $1,000 on one spin, with a jackpot of no less than a million dollars. These high roller slots players need not be told the basic procedures of finding good slot machines to play at, because chances are they are as close to professional as any slot player can get.

While the players who enjoyed risking it all on the riskier sorts of slot machines have been overlooked in the past, both online and real casinos are beginning to take more notice to them. As these players receive more recognition from the gambling industry, more and more online casinos and casinos have begun offering high stake slots.