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Online slots were a big hit on the internet just as soon as they started showing up. The obvious benefits of them are the fact that you don't need to go out to the casino to get your slot machine fix, and instead can simply try to win money by the click of the mouse. The disadvantages of it however is the fact that you don't get that usual casino feel and the slot machines usually aren't as fun. But if you aren't in any position to go out to the casino then online slot machine games can be the perfect substitution, and many online players are finding that.

Online players will also quickly find how big the online slot machine community is. The online slot industry is known to be one of the biggest electrical commerce industries out there. This comes with good reason because the graphics are great, the game play is great, and as long as you're playing on a well respected casino the security and transfer of your money is very safe.

A "suiting" slot machine might mean many different things to different players, but the first step in beginning to find that type of game is investing in the right type of slot machine software because different software's have different games. If you have dial-up connection that is very slow, for instance, you may want to stick strictly to non-download casinos. If you have a faster connection then feel free to download at will. Sticking to casinos that use these twelve software programs for slot machines is probably a good idea: RTG (Real Time Gaming,) Microgaming, Cryptologic, Playtech, Wagerworks, Rival Gaming, Vegas Technology, Grand Virtual, Party Gaming, Chartwell, 888 Powered, and Boss Media.

All of these slot machine software's are well known and very trust worthy, with above average game playing and graphics. Some offer better games, some offer better graphics, and others have many different other things to offer. This article breaks down the pro's and cons of each of the twelve online slot machine software's that are listed above. Reading them will help you cut down your time on finding the appropriate slot machine software for you and it will also save you tons of hard drive space.


Real Time Gaming (RTG) Slots

Real Time Gaming software has taken someone a hit in its reputation in the last couple of years, but it is still one of the best software's out there and is usually rated very highly among the players. However there have been all sorts of complaint of very slow payment (in some cases no payment at all) and it has even been accused of unethical advertising programs (due to new online gambling laws in the US). There are a lot of RTG casinos out there that are very respectable however; it's just on you to make sure your playing at the correct ones. RTG accepts USA players and a lot of USA players do choose to use this software.

Getting paid is obviously the most important thing when it comes to online casinos and RTG is kind of inconsistent with this. All deposits are processed instantly. Withdrawal of your money requires documentation of course, but if you didn't know that some RTG casino's may just show your money as "pending" forever and will fail to even alert you that some documentation is required to withdraw your money. This can be very annoying obviously.

Some Good things about the software are that it is the one of the fastest casino software's out there. Slow game playing is usually never an issue, and they do have some pretty good bonuses to. For instance most RTG casinos give 1 comp point for every $10 wagered. If you like playing at a high speed then this can be the software for you. Just make sure you are playing at the right casino and you'll be fine.


Microgaming Slots

Microgaming software is widely known as one of the best software programs out there. For starters, they realize that security and safeness is the most important thing when it comes to playing at Microgaming online casinos (they use 128-bit SSL digital encryption when transferring data via the internet), and that goes a long way. On top of that they offer some of the best progressive jackpot slots that can be found online - some even topping out at $1,000,000.00. There are 150 microgaming casinos and the software never has less than 235 different slot machine games.

You can't chat with other players on this software because it doesn't offer multi-player functions. Game play has been reported slow sometimes but it is usually fast and that is pretty much the only two knocks you can find on this software. It shouldn't stop you from playing these slots however because the game selection variety is huge (The Tomb Raider and Hitman games have been reported to be some of the best slot machines ever played) and the prizes can be even bigger. The software provides 13 different languages which is another huge plus. Overall Microgaming is a very good and consistent software for playing online slot machines.


Cryptologic Slots

The best thing about Cryptologic slots is that is has the rights to MARVEL comic characters and uses them very well in their slot games. They have some of the best graphics out there and it really makes for fun game play. There are ten Cryptologic casinos, which have multiple languages, and they have 75 online slot machines, and 10 of them are progressive jackpot slots that top out at $1,000,000. It also has regular slot tournaments and a VIP system for those who play the slots.

U.S.A. players are not aloud however, and that is one of the down sides of this software, but the software is very law abiding. Besides that though the casino is pretty good. They have a nice selection of 3-reel slots, and there are over 200 online casinos that support this software. The software is very well known every where besides the U.S. and has been around since 1996, where it was produced in Canada, and it is one of the favorite types of software in the UK. Graphically, the software is unmatched and you will find a lot of your favorite characters in all of the slot games if you decide to spend your time playing them.


Playtech Slots

Many players consider Playtech Casinos the top casino software out there. The graphics and sound effects are definitely top notch, making it seem like you're at the casino. The slots feature 5 progressive slots and a bunch of slot bonuses that are good for the high rollers. Some of the progressive slots even have a humungous average payout of $100,000.00 and it is well known that the Playtech slots do in fact pay out better than the ones in Vegas do.

US players are not allowed. But if you aren't from the US then you will be able to enjoy this amazing software that is run by 300 employees. The software has many different languages to choose from and it even has its own payment solution. It also has a great VIP program and great bonuses as well. It has been around since 1999 and has a very respectable reputation. This is why Playtech is considered by most outside the US to be the best casino software there is. You should definitely try it - the 5 progressive slots and their humungous pay outs are worth it alone, and the other games that it has are all very good as well.


Wagerworks Slots

You will know a Wagerworks game when you see one. It has the uncanny ability to "stamp" its games with a certain feel and aura. If you like this style then you hit the jackpot because there really isn't another software type out there like it. There are a lot of fun slots on the Wagerworks Casino program, like Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and Treasure twirl to name a few. Wagerworks is also very good because they are flash based, and do not need to be downloaded for playing.

It is a safe and secure place for players to play and that has highly contributed to its success. It's also cool because it has licensed arrangements with "The Price is Right" and "Wheel of Fortune." It has a lot of support devices and all of the games are "feature rich." It is also an offshoot of Silicon Gaming. Once totally dependent on it, it broke off and experienced so much success that Silicon Gaming wanted them back, so Wagerworks accepted and started working with them again. Its high success rate is due to its good service and features and for that you definitely should give it a try at least once.


Rival Gaming Slots

The very coolest part about this Software is the unique iSlots feature. iSlots makes the slot machine like a movie, so as you start to advance in the slot machine, more and more of the story is unveiled to you in a very unique and cool way. It is a downloadable program that has much room for growth and improvement but the basic ideas are there, and cool thing about Rival is that it is constantly improving and using its creativity to do so. There are 10 Rival online casinos with this software that have 50 casino games and there are 35 slots and 5 progressive ones.

Another great thing about Rival is that it allows US players! It also has very good VIP programs and bonuses. The software is very good - it runs smoothly and with no problems whatsoever and even though you have to download it, it is definitely worth it because Rival is what's up and coming in the online slot machine world and you want to be there when it starts becoming one of the top software programs. You should definitely try it if you are looking for a fresh perspective and unique creativity. Like the name says, it does a very good job at becoming other casino's rival.


Vegas Technology Slots

In 1995 Vegas Technology software received the Top New Casino Software award from Gambling Online Magazine. It has over 100 online casino games and the best part about it is that it focuses on slots! It has the only 7 reel slot game out there and since US players are allowed to use it, there are a lot of games with the American theme. If you have a Mac computer then it is even better because it comes with an instant play feature designed for Mac users.

This software used to be known as "Odds On" but in 2005, the same time that online casinos started getting really big, it changed its name, and has been booming ever since. For a Lot of Americans, this is the best software out there, and it is also monitored by people that make sure pay outs are fair and right. You can access your financial history with this software and most Americans find it very easy to get their money, which of course is a huge deal for US players, so if you are of US origin then this is one of the top slot machine software's out there for you and you should try it.


Grand Virtual Slots

Grand Virtual casinos not only pay out very fast, but they also have a pay out ratio of around 96% The casinos do not accept American players and are usually aimed towards the European market, where its multi language capabilities (never less than 17 different languages to choose from) come in handy. They are part of the Online Gambling Alliance which is truly dedicated to fairness. It is independently tested for game fairness by an impartial service called Technical Systems Testing (or TST). It has live real time and is known for its great games. No wonder so many international players are joining.

The company was started in 1997, and has been improving ever since. Some players may complain that the graphics look a little old and out dated, but the program is very reliable and safe so players that are not too worried about the graphics and are more concerned about fairness/safety definitely will thrive here. Players from over 200 countries and counting have reaped the benefits from this software, and helping this software's success is the software's one-on-one player support in the language of that player's choice. If your choice of language isn't one of the main languages used by other casinos, then this is your best bet to fit your needs.


Party Gaming Slots

Party Gaming was founded in 1997. It has around 1,200 employees at its main office and is known for its Party Casino, Party Poker games and Party Bingo games. It has a great support system and you can get support twenty four hours per day and seven days a week - perfect for the slot machine player that plays at all times of the day and night. It is licensed and regulated by the Government of Gibraltar and has a very solid reputation for fairness and safety.

You can register as a guest but if you do sign up right away you get a 100% bonus offer, which is great! It is also available is many different languages and many different currencies, although US players are not accepted. Some of the slot machines include The Hulk, Spider-Man, and the very cool Street Fighter. Trusting Party Gaming is very easy because of its respectable reputation over the last decade. It is the standard for online slot machine software and that is the reason it is one of the top software's on the web today. If you are looking for good quality play in every aspect of the slot machine game then Party Gaming is for you.


Chartwell Slots

The first ever online casino in the UK used this software, so that right there tells you tons about its credibility and reputation. It offers a great no download system and a mobile casino as well, so players that do not like to download the software or have a very slow internet connection can benefit a lot from this software. Chartwell Casinos layout and graphics are simple and straight to the point - there will be no time wasting at all when using this software and impatient players benefit tremendously. Because of the no download feature, it does have some kinks in its armor when it comes to graphics and sound effects, but the game play is to the point, and if all you care about is making money as fast as possible with slot machines then this is your place.

They don't have the biggest selection of games here but there is enough to get the job done. The coolest slots they have are among the five reel slots although the slot software does offer some very nice three reel slots as well. Since the game is so speedy you should definitely think about giving this casino a try. You will have nothing to loose, including Hard Drive space. If you do prefer graphics however, then this probably is not the casino software that is going to fit your needs and you should try something else.


888 Powered Slots

Many great slot machines are 888 Powered. Getting confused when playing the online slot machines never happens like it can when you are playing much more complicated slots. The game play is very simple and it is very easy to navigate yourself around these 888 Casino powered slots. Buttons are in places that make sense and options are clearly stated for you. In other words, you'll never get mad trying to figure something out when you play these slots and if you lose some money you are never left wondering why.

888 Powered slots are very popular today because of their easiness and the way they are straight to the point. The bonuses and pay table are always displayed and gamers have a great feel of control over what they are doing when playing these online slot machines. This software is extremely great for beginners but in no way does it exclude experienced online slot machine players. 888 Powered slot machines are definitely some of the best out there and they deserve some of your playing time. recommends that you try these slot machines out because they are very reputable and players are always satisfied by how the software runs.


Boss Media Slots

Boss Media is good for players that want a downloadable version of the software and a no download version. There are 5 Boss Media casinos with 50 casino games and 25 online slot games with 5 progressive slots machines for the high rollers. It is one of the oldest software's out there and it comes complete with 10 different languages. Some Boss Media casinos use other software's customer service programs so not all Boss Media casinos have the same customer service guidelines.

Boss Media is based in Sweden. UK players tend to like the software a lot because it contains some of the large UK sportsbooks. It is also publicly traded on the Stockholm stock exchange. The software is also well liked because it can be used through a number of platforms like mobile phones, televisions, hand held computers, as well as PC's. It is a reliable software and it usually comes with very little complaints. You should give this software a try because being one of the very oldest allows the software to use its experience in knowing what gamers are looking for and that really helps it to satisfy every single one of its customers.

All twelve software's are among the elite in providing quality play for gamblers online. The casinos that harbor these software's are among the most trusted and safe casinos on the web. There are other software's out there, but sticking to this main list of twelve should go a long way in satisfying your gaming needs in playing the online slot machines. All the software's have built up strong reputations and are usually very safe and fair when playing. There aren't very many slot machine software's out there can compete with these twelve because they dominate in every quality that defines good software.