MoneyGram Casinos - Which Casinos Accept MoneyGram (Rapid Transfer)

Find all the MoneyGram (Rapid Transfer) Deposits & Withdrawals Accepting Online Casinos

For large transfers the fees are nominal. For example a transfer from the U.S. to Costa Rica, where many online casinos are located, transferring up to $1,000 will cost $9.99. MoneyGram transfers amounts less than $900 without any I.D. For amounts from $900 to $3,000 I.D. will be required. For amounts greater than $3,000 birth date and social security number will be required along with I.D. Another advantage that MoneyGram offers is complete anonymity. No bank account or credit card is required to fund the transfer. The player can pay with cash. Hence there is no external record of the player having transferred funds to any casino. However those who do not mind doing so can use their credit cards.

In order to transfer funds to the online casino account through MoneyGram the player has to go through a MoneyGram branch. There are 100,000 branches or agents in 170 countries. The nearest branch can be found by using the locator on their web site or the player can call a given number. The MoneyGram branches are located in convenient places like Walmart and can be easily recognized by its prominent sign. At the MoneyGram branch first time users need to set up their profile. Later they can log in using their password. Next the casino information is entered. If the amount is being funded through a credit card then the card details need to be entered. The funds are then transferred and a reference number is generated. This number has to be given to the casino so that they can accept the funds.

Below are all the online casinos accepting MoneyGram

Bodog Logo

Bodog Casino Accepts MoneyGram (Bodog calls it "Rapid Transfer")
Bodog Offers a unique 10% instant cash bonus
The game variety at Bodog Casino offers a plethora of online slot machines, both classic reel slots and themed video slots with several progressive jackpots to choose from.

Rushmore - Fantastic Slots

Rushmore Casino Accepts MoneyGram
$888 deposit bonus at Rusmore
The interface is warm and welcoming, and the navigation couldn't be any better. As soon as you log in your account, you will see how easy it is to find your game.


SuperSlots Accepts MoneyGram
$150 in sign up bonuses on offer here
The vast game variety at SuperSlots Casino consists of more than 85 casino favorites, such as Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, War, Baccarat, Red Dog, Caribbean Stud Poker, Tri-Card Poker and Keno. Video Poker is available in single and multi-hand varieties.