Who Wants To Be A Stallionaire Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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Who Wants To Be A Stallionaire Slots
Bonus Features:Yes
Coin Values $//:0.10-10.00
Max Coins:1
Max Per Spin $//:10.00
Winning Lines:1
Wild Symbol:No

Who Wants To Be Stallionaire Slots

Who Wants To Be Stallionaire Slots looks like a very simple and strait forward slots machine a first glance but the designers added a plethora of little intricacies and special features that really made this a pretty fun and exciting slots machine. Before we try and tackle all these features though I think it's necessary to go over the basics of the machine. The first thing I liked about this machine were the symbols. Three reel slot machines have a tendency of overlooking the symbols that are used and this can lead to a game that gets boring and repetitive very quickly. This wasn't the case on this machine. I also liked the fact that there was a rather large betting range available. Players could bet anywhere from a dime to ten dollars on any given spin. This is pretty impressive for a three reel, one pay line slot. The sounds were very average on this machine and I didn't think they added to the game play in any meaningful way. The graphics were somewhat below par in the visual design party but I was happy to find out that everyone on the machine ran very smoothly and players can expect to not encounter any kinds of glitches or loading screens.

Who Wants To Be A Stallionaire Slots Pay Table

Who Wants To Be Stallionaire Slots Special Features

This machine offered two different special features that I really thought added a lot of excitement to the overall game play. The first of these features was called the "nudge" feature. This feature was awarded randomly and basically allowed you to move a specific reel up a spot in an attempt to create a winning combination. Players could be allowed to nudge up to four reels at any given time. This really improved players chances of winning anytime this feature was made available and if you had four nudges available you were almost guaranteed a win. The other feature offered was called the "hold" feature. This allowed players to hold one to three reels in place while the other reels spun. This meant that if you already had a winning combination you were free to hold all three reels in place and collect another prize. This was a very nice bonus feature that was awarded randomly and in some cases offered a great chance of winning a prize. Personally, I did enjoy both of these features but really felt like the nudge feature gave players a better chance of wining on any given spin and it really got me excited any time it was made available.

Who Wants To Be A Stallionaire Slots Bonus Game

Who Wants To Be Stallionaire Slots Bonus Game

The bonus game was activated whenever three or more horseshoe symbols were acquired on the pay line. There were three different colored horseshoes and any combination of them would work. It could also be acquired by collect three of the same colored horseshoes over a period of time. A little box to the left side kept track of how many of each different colored horseshoe a player had acquired. Once three horseshoes were obtained the bonus game was activated. The bonus game pretty much played out like a board game and you automatically awarded a number of moves on the board game. Players were awarded the prize stated on whichever box they landed on. I thought that this was a pretty simple bonus game that didn't really lead to all that great of prizes but it did try to make up for the by being incredibly easy to obtain.

Overall, I think that players are going to be pleasantly surprised by this machine. It really doesn't look like it is a machine that is going to be all the exciting but the addition of a few key bonus features actually made this a machine worth playing. I would suggest this machine to anyone who really loves the simple layout of three reel designs and is looking for a few new features they may have never played with before.