Vinyl Countdown Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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Vinyl Countdown Slots
Bonus Features:No
Coin Values $//:0.01-2.00
Max Coins:9
Max Per Spin $//:18.00
Winning Lines:9
Wild Symbol:Yes

Vinyl Countdown Slots

Vinyl Countdown Slots is a fairly simple and strait-forward slots. It isn't a slots machine that is going to blow you away with new and exciting features. It just simply offers some solid features that are executed very well. The first thing I noticed about this machine were the symbols. There were a lot of different symbols on this machine and I thought that it got kind of confusing at times. Luckily they didn't add a ton of other features or players may have been overwhelmed. I think with the lack of a lot of features this large number of symbols was actually manageable and didn't detract from the game play all that much. I wasn't too crazy about the betting options that were available. I thought that the betting range could have been a little large. A penny as the minimum bet and 18 dollars as the maximum bet is not a bad range but I thought it would have been very easy to just make it a little large. I also thought that since the bonus features weren't all that confusing and there were a lot of symbol that they could have also added some more betting lines. This would have led to an increasing in the overall excitement of the slots machine.

Vinyl Countdown Slots Pay Table

Vinyl Countdown Slots Wild Symbol

The wild symbol for Vinyl Countdown Slots was a picture of the word "wild" in front of a jukebox. This symbol appeared on ever reel and could be used to substitute for any symbol in the game other than the scatter symbol. I thought that this wild symbol was just a little too simple. I thought it would have been very easy to add a prize multiplier to this symbol. Without any other features added to this symbol I just didn't feel like it was all that exciting or a symbol worth rooting for.

Vinyl Countdown Slots Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol was also, in my opinion, overall simple. The scatter symbol for Vinyl Countdown Slots was a picture of the word "scatter" in front of a disco ball. Basically, whenever three or more of these symbols appeared anywhere on the screen together a prize was automatically awarded. This wasn't all that great of a symbol for the same reason that the wild symbol wasn't. There just wasn't anything really exciting about this symbol and thusly it really wasn't something that got players rooting for it.

Overall, this machine was just a little too simple for my taste. I understand though that sometimes it nice to take a break from the feature-stuffed slots that seem to be so prevalent today. That is why I would recommend this machine; because it offers a break and provides a players with a little simplicity in a complex world.