Treasure Ireland Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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Treasure Ireland Slots
Bonus Features:Yes
Coin Values $//:0.25-10.00
Max Coins:1
Max Per Spin $//:10.00
Winning Lines:1
Wild Symbol:No

Treasure Ireland Slots

At first glance players may assume that this is going to be a very simple three reel slots machine. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This game really packs in the bonus features and I thought these features were effective in making this an exciting play. Treasure Ireland Slots has a lot of symbols on this machine. Sometimes I can get a little overwhelmed by a lot of symbols on five reels machine but this seems to never be the case on three reel machines. On these types of machines it is necessary to have a lot of symbols or the game can quickly get monotonous and boring. Players were only aloud to be on one pay line on this game and only one coin per pay line. This was kind of a negative but the designers were wise to make the range of the coin values large and players could spin the reel for as little as a quarter or for as much as ten dollars. The sounds were nothing too special on this machine and I really didn't feel like they related to the theme all that well.

Treasure Ireland Slots Pay Table

Treasure Ireland Slots Bonus Features

This machine offered two different special features that I really thought added a lot of excitement to the overall game play. The first of these features was called the "nudge" feature. This feature was awarded randomly and basically allowed you to move a specific reel up a spot in an attempt to create a winning combination. Players could be allowed to nudge up to four reels at any given time. This really improved players chances of winning anytime this feature was made available and if you had four nudges available you were almost guaranteed a win. The other feature offered was called the "hold" feature. This allowed players to hold one to three reels in place while the other reels spun. This meant that if you already had a winning combination you were free to hold all three reels in place and collect another prize. This was a very nice bonus feature that was awarded randomly and in some cases offered a great chance of winning a prize. Personally, I did enjoy both of these features but really felt like the nudge feature gave players a better chance of wining on any given spin and it really got me excited any time it was made available.

Treasure Ireland Slots Bonus Game

Treasure Ireland Slots Bonus Game

The bonus game on Treasure Ireland Slots was pretty fun and added a lot of excitement to a three reel slots machine. The bonus game was acquired whenever three map symbols appear anywhere on the reels together. When this happened players were taken to a different screen and the Treasure Island Bonus Game is activated. The bonus game consists of a board game with 14 different spots. Players simply click on the spin button and then they are moved a certain number of spots that correlates with the number they obtained. The players are then awarded whatever is on the square they land on. I thought this was a pretty cool bonus game and my only complaint is that it was actually really hard to obtain and I played for about a half an hour before I obtained it.

Overall, I thought this was a very well done three reel slots machine. The designer did a nice job of adding enough features to keep players interested in what would have otherwise been a very lackluster machine. I would recommend this machine to anyone who likes three reel machines but feels like they don't offer enough features.