The Gee Gees Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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The Gee Gees Slots
Bonus Features:Yes
Coin Values $//:0.10-10.00
Max Coins:1
Max Per Spin $//:10.00
Winning Lines:1
Wild Symbol:No

The Gee Gees Slots

The Gee Gees Slots is one of the more complex three reel slot machines that players can expect to ever play. It offers a slew of features and a bonus game that really helped to make this an exciting game. If you have never used some of the features offered on this machine the game does have a little longer learning curve than most but it is nothing that is too confusing or distressing. I personally think that these features are worth the ten minutes your going to spend getting used to them because they are actually pretty fun. The first thing I noticed and I really approved of about this machine was the fact that there were a lot of symbols. I think this is a necessity for a three reel machines because it prevents things from getting boring and monotonous too easily. The sounds were nothing special on this machine and I really didn't think they had any positive or negative effect on the overall game play. The graphics were decent in the respect that after the initial loading screen I didn't experience any type of additional loading screen or any glitches. The betting options were decent but not great. Players could spin the reels for as little as ten cents or for as much as ten dollars. The help screen was also not as good as it could have been and players are better off just playing the game to figure out the features.

The Gee Gees Slots Pay Table

The Gee Gees Slots Bonus Features

This machine offered two different special features that I really thought added a lot of excitement to the overall game play. The first of these features was called the "nudge" feature. This feature was awarded randomly and basically allowed you to move a specific reel up a spot in an attempt to create a winning combination. Players could be allowed to nudge up to four reels at any given time. This really improved players chances of winning anytime this feature was made available and if you had four nudges available you were almost guaranteed a win. The other feature offered was called the "hold" feature. This allowed players to hold one to three reels in place while the other reels spun. This meant that if you already had a winning combination you were free to hold all three reels in place and collect another prize. This was a very nice bonus feature that was awarded randomly and in some cases offered a great chance of winning a prize. Personally, I did enjoy both of these features but really felt like the nudge feature gave players a better chance of wining on any given spin and it really got me excited any time it was made available.

The Gee Gees Slots Bonus Game

The Gee Gees Slots Bonus Game

The bonus game was activated whenever a prize is awarded. I thought this would be incredibly simple but it was actually a little harder than it sounded. When this happened though, players were taken to the Gee Gees Slots bonus screen. During this bonus game players pressed the spin button and a number was flashed on the middle on the screen. The marker on the board then moved the designated spots and the action dictated on that spot on the board was carried out. This prizes usually led to additional nudges or holds and things of that nature. I thought this was an ok bonus feature because it was relatively easy to obtain but I would have liked to see more cash prizes offered.

Overall, this isn't my favorite three reel slots machine that offers this group of features. I just didn't think there were enough chances to win big prizes on a consistent basis. I also thought that some of the features seemed kind of pointless at times and really failed to add to the game play in any kind of positive way. I would recommend this machine to anyone who really likes these features and is just looking for a new spin on them.