Tally Ho Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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Tally Ho Slots
Bonus Features:Yes
Coin Values $//:0.01-5.00
Max Coins:45
Max Per Spin $//:90.00
Winning Lines:9
Wild Symbol:Yes

Tally Ho Slots

Tally Ho Slots is a very solid five reel slots machine. Players should not be expected to be blown away by this game because it really doesn't offer a ton of new and innovative features. Yet, this machine did execute the features it offered very well and this led to some really solid game play. The first thing I noticed about this machine were the symbols. I actually thought they were a little on the odd side but they did an effective job of assuring some smooth game play. The regular symbols were a little hard to differentiate, as far as what ones were more valuable, but they took care of the important thing in that the important symbols were very easy to identify. The betting options were more than adequate on this machine and players could spin the reel for as little as a penny or for as much as 90 dollars on up to nine different pay lines. This really offered a lot of flexibility as to how much money a player could spend and made it a nice option for both large and small bank rolls. The sounds really weren't anything that special on this machine but I did like the background noise because I thought it was very relaxing and it kind of put me in a better mood. The graphics were solid on this machine and I never experienced any glitches or prolonged loading screens.

Tally Ho Slots Pay Table

Tally Ho Slots Wild Symbol

The wild symbol for Tally Ho Slots was a picture of a wild stallion with the word "wild" next to it. I really liked the icon itself because I thought it was very easy to identify and you knew immediately when you had obtained a wild symbol. This symbol appeared on every symbol and could be used to substitute for any symbol in the game other than the scatter symbol. The really cool part about this symbol was the fact that whenever it was used as part of a winning combination the prize awarded was automatically doubled. This really made this a symbol worth rooting for and added a lot of excitement to the game play in general.

Tally Ho Slots Scatter Symbol

Tally Ho Slots offered a really great scatter symbol that I thought added a lot of excitement. A picture of a bugle with the word scatter below it served as the scatter symbol for Tally Ho Slots. This symbol appeared on every reel and awarded a prize whenever three or more of these symbols appeared anywhere on the screen together. The great part of this symbol though was evident whenever three or more appeared on the screen together. When this happened ten free games were automatically awarded during which all prizes awarded were automatically quadrupled. This is about as good a prize multiplier that you can expect to ever fine on any free spin feature. I thought this was one of the best scatter symbols I have played with on any machine and I really got excited whenever I saw the scatter symbols start to pile up.

Tally Ho Slots Gamble Feature

Tally Ho Slots Gamble Feature

This slots machine offered a really cool feature that I absolutely loved. Basically, whenever a prize was won a button at the bottom of the screen would become available that said "gamble". If this feature was selected you had to choose either black or red and then the prize you awarded was doubled if you guessed correctly. You also had the option to choose a card suit and if you guessed correctly the prize awarded was automatically quadrupled. You could gamble as many times as you liked until the limit is reached. I thought this was a really cool feature and it really added some excitement to the game. It also could lead to some absolutely ridiculous prizes if you got a few guess right.

Overall, this is a very solid and fun slots machine that I will definitely be coming back to. They didn't try to overwhelm players with a ton of fancy features. The designers just offered a few features and executed them very well and made them very exciting. I would recommend this machine to anyone because it offers a great betting range and some great slots machine action.