Supe It Up Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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Supe It Up Slots
Bonus Features:Yes
Coin Values $//:0.01-0.25
Max Coins:250
Max Per Spin $//:10.00
Winning Lines:25
Wild Symbol:Yes

Supe It Up Slots

Supe It Up Slots is without a doubt one of the better slot machines I have ever played. They offered some of the same old features that seasoned players are used to seeing but they just did them amazing well. This was also a very smooth game and I thought that this was due in large part to the symbols. They were kept very simple and were very easy to identify. The symbols included regular playing card symbols, nine through ace, and an assortment of muscle car inspired symbols. I really liked the betting options that were available on this machine. Players could bet on up to 25 different pay lines on any given spin and this really increased player's chances of winning. The betting range was a little below par, but only if you were looking to bet some big money. Players could spin the reel for as little as a penny or for as much as ten dollars. I thought they could have made the max a little higher but in reality few players are going to be betting more than the max on this machine so it shouldn't prove to be too big of a problem. The sounds were adequate on this machine and I thought they related to the overall theme very well. The graphics were solid as well and I liked the fact that there were no glitches in the game play that slowed down the excitement.

Supe It Up Slots Pay Table

Supe It Up Slots Wild Symbol

The wild symbol on this game was very solid and I thought it really added to the game play in a positive way. The first thing I liked about this wild symbol was the symbol itself. It simply said "wild". I liked it because it was impossible to miss and you knew when you were racking up the wild symbols. This symbol appeared on every reel and could be used to substitute for any symbol in the game other than other than the scatter symbol. This was also a multiplier symbol and every time it was used as part of a winning combination the prize awarded was automatically doubled. This really made this a symbol worth rooting for and getting excited about.

Supe It Up Slots Scatter Symbols

This machine has to sport one of the best scatter symbols I have ever played with. The symbol itself is a picture of a car speaker and was very easy to identify. This symbol appeared on every reel and awarded a prize whenever three or more appeared anywhere on the screen together. The reel fun started, though, whenever three or more appeared on the screen together. When this happened free spins were awarded according to how many scatter symbols you had obtained. Three scatter symbols awarded twenty free games, four equaled twenty-five, and five equaled thirty. The best part was that during these free spins all prizes awarded were automatically multiplied by six. This meant that you could really rack up some absolutely ridiculous bonus winnings during this time. This is without a doubt one of the largest prize multipliers I have ever seen offered on a machine.

Supe It Up Slots Gamble Feature

Supe It Up Slots Gamble Feature

As if the first two features weren't good enough, Supe It Up Slots threw in one more great feature that only added to the fun. This was known as the "gamble" feature. Basically, whenever a prize was won a button at the bottom of the screen would become available that said "gamble". If this feature was selected you had to choose either black or red and then the prize you awarded was doubled if you guessed correctly. You also had the option to choose a card suit and if you guessed correctly the prize awarded was automatically quadrupled. You could gamble as many times as you liked until the limit is reached. I thought this was a really cool feature and it really added some excitement to the game. It also could lead to some absolutely ridiculous prizes if you got a few guess right, especially during the free spins.

Overall, I thought this was one of the most well put together slots that I have ever played. The features were executed to perfection and the excitement of the game play followed suit. This really goes to show that you don't have to try and stuff as many features as you can onto a machine to make it a quality play. You just have to execute the features you do decide to include well. This is what Supe It Up Slots did and this is why I would recommend it to anyone who loves slot machines.