SunQuest Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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SunQuest Slots
Bonus Features:No
Coin Values $//:0.01 - 2.00
Max Coins:1
Max Per Spin $//:18.00
Winning Lines:9
Wild Symbol:Yes

SunQuest Slots is a slot machine that is in desperate need of a bonus game. If it had a bonus game it would be a slightly above average slot machine, but instead it is a slightly below average slot machine. The theme also does not help and it has the theme of "fruit" as do millions of other slot machines in the world and it also has the same casino sounds as do a lot of other online slots.

The reason this is a subpar slot machine is because it is very limiting betting wise compared to other five reel slot machines. You can only use one coin and have a max bet of 18.00! There are also only 9 pay lines and the slot machine could have been better if it had more of those too.


SunQuest Slots Pay Table

SunQuest Slots Wild Symbol and Scatter Symbol

The wild symbol, which is a "horizon" with the word "Wild" stamped on it substitutes for all other symbols, except the scatter symbol, to complete winning combinations. The wild symbol only appears in reels 2, 3 and 4. Only one winning combination is paid out per enabled pay line. If there is more than one possible winning combination on a pay line, you are paid out the value of the highest combination only. The scatter symbol is the plain word "scatter." It can be anywhere on the five reels but there has to be three of them on the reels for you to qualify for its benefits.

This slot machine could have been made better in ten different areas. It will "kill you softly" and you will slowly start to notice your money starting to deplete. I recommend staying away from this slot machine because it is very hard to win money on and there are better ones out there.