Sonic Boom Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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Sonic Boom Slots
Bonus Features:No
Coin Values $//:0.25 - 5.00
Max Coins:2
Max Per Spin $//:10.00
Winning Lines:1
Wild Symbol:Yes

Sonic Boom Slots does not seem like much compared to other high tech slot machines, but it is a winner. Since there is only one pay line and a max bet of 10.00 it may seem somewhat limiting at first glance but you will soon start to see that the single pay line and the low betting arrangements only make this game better. It is hard to lose money fast and easy to win money fast.

There are nine different winning combos - right around average or maybe slightly above - and all you need is one cherry symbol to fall on the pay line to make it a winning combo. Because of the high amount of combos that seem to fall on the pay line quite often, you are able to stick around for the jackpots, although this is a slot machine that you do not necessarily need to hit the jackpot or high combos to win money on. Instead you will find that you will the majority amount of your money winning on mid-level combos that seem to come up fairly often. Slot machines are always fun when you win like this.

Sonic Boom Slots Pay Table

Sonic Boom Slots Wild Symbol

The wild symbol for this slot machine is the words "sonic boom" in big letters. It is a multiplier symbol and it is the most important part of the game. Three wild symbols make up jackpots of 1,200 and 2,000 coins and if one of them completes your combo then it doubles the pay out. If two of them complete the combo then it quadruples it.

I would definitely recommend this slot machine to all types of players - from beginners to experts - simply because you are never to "good" at slot machines to exclude the ones that make you the most amount of money - even if they are the more simple and basic ones!