Secret Admirer Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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Secret Admirer Slots
Bonus Features:Yes
Coin Values $//:0.01-1.00
Max Coins:90
Max Per Spin $//:90.00
Winning Lines:9
Wild Symbol:Yes

Secret Admirer Slots

Secret Admirer Slots is a pretty solid five reel slots machine. The designers offered some pretty well executed special symbols and bonus features that really made for a pretty exciting and engaging play. The first thing I noticed about this machine were the symbols. I thought the designers did a very nice job of offering enough symbol so that the game didn't get boring and monotonous too quickly while not adding to many as to overwhelm players. The symbols included regular playing card symbols, nine through ace, and an assortment of love inspired symbols that included a rose, a heart, and a bottle of perfume. The overall theme was of love and I thought that the visual graphics, including the symbols and the basic layout, really brought this theme to life very well. The sounds also helped bring this theme to life and I though they added to the overall gaming experience in a very positive way. The betting options offered on this machine were pretty solid. There were nine different pay lines for players to bet on before any given spin. This wasn't a great amount but it did serve to improve the overall winning percentages. The betting range was very healthy and players could spin the reels for as little as penny or for as much as ninety dollars. This is sure to meet the needs of almost all players. Secret Admirer Slots also offered a gamble feature. This feature was activated by pressing the gamble button after any winning spin. When the button was pressed players were taken to a different screen during which you had to guess whether the next card presented was going to be red or black. If you guessed correctly then you winnings were doubled but if you guessed incorrectly then all prizes won up until that point were lost.


Secret Admirer Slots Pay Table

Secret Admirer Slots Wild Symbol

The wild symbol on Secret Admirer Slots was a picture of a masquerade mask. This symbol appeared one very reel and could be used to substitute for any symbol in the game other than the scatter symbol. I liked the fact that this symbol appeared on every reel, which served to increase the winning percentages, but I thought that it should have included some additional feature, such as a prize multiplier, to really put it over the top. Without this it there just really wasn't a very good reason to root for this symbol or to get excited about it.

Secret Admirer Slots Scatter Symbol And Bonus Feature

A picture of a diamond ring, the epitome of love, served as the scatter symbol for Secret Admirer Slots. This symbol appeared on every reel and was used to award a prize whenever two or more appeared anywhere on the screen together at the same time. This symbol was also used to activate the bonus spin feature. The bonus spin feature was activated whenever two scatter symbol appear on consecutive reels starting with reel one. Three bonus spins are awarded during this time and the reels with scatter symbols are held. If a scatter symbol appears on the reel farthest to left without a scatter symbol that reel is held and three more spins are awarded. This continues until all five reels have scatter symbols on them or your free spins run out. I wasn't too crazy about this bonus feature. I liked it because it was relatively easy to obtain but I thought it was a little confusing at first to understand and it didn't lead to very big wins on a consistent basis.

Overall, I thought this was a solid slots machine but nothing all that special. The bonus features and special symbols offered did provide some excitement but I thought they could have offered a lot more had they only been executed a little better. I think that in order for this to be a truly exciting machine they need to either add a little more to the wild symbol or redo the free spins bonus feature.