Roman Riches Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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Roman Riches Slots
Bonus Features:No
Coin Values $//:0.25-5.00
Max Coins:5
Max Per Spin $//:25.00
Winning Lines:5
Wild Symbol:Yes

Roman Riches Slots

Roman Riches Slots is a fairly well executed three reel slots machine. The designers created a very classic feel to this very simple layout. Players shouldn't expect to be blown away but a bunch of new or innovative features on this machine. This isn't to say that this slot can't be exciting though as I did have fun playing this slot for a short while. My biggest gripe with this machine was the fact that it offered so few symbols. This led to a game that got pretty boring and repetitive after only a short while of playing it. I think that machines that are this simple have to be mindful to include a lot of different symbols to prevent this problem from happening. The betting options that were offered on this machine were the highlight of the game in my opinion. There were five different pay lines available for players to bet on before any given spin. With so few symbols being used this served to increase the winning percentages in a very big way which made the game more exciting and engaging. The betting range was also pretty well done and players could spin the reels for as little as a quarter or for as much as 25 dollars. This is sure to meet the needs of most players on a machine that is so simple. The visual graphics were nothing special on this machine and neither were the sounds. I really didn't think that either affected the overall gaming experience in any significant manner.

Roman Riches Slots Pay Table

Roman Riches Slots Wild Symbol

I thought that the inclusion of a wild symbol on this machine was very effective. The wild symbol on Roman Riches Slots was a picture of a Greek philosopher's head carved out of stone. This symbol appeared on every reel and could be used to substitute for any symbol in the game. On a machine with so few symbols this wild symbol really served to increase the overall winning percentages. Even though I usually prefer that my wild symbol be combined with another feature, such as a prize multiplier, I thought it still worked pretty well because it had such a big impact on the winning percentages.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty effective classically designer slots machine. There really wasn't anything that special about this machine but I did enjoy playing it and that is the most important thing. I wouldn't suggest this machine for extended periods of times, as the lack of bonus features can lead to a pretty repetitive play, but if you looking for a step away from the confusing bonus slot machines then I think you should definitely give this machine a shot.