Reels Royce Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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Reels Royce Slots
Bonus Features:No
Coin Values $//:0.25-5.00
Max Coins:3
Max Per Spin $//:15.00
Winning Lines:3
Wild Symbol:No

Reels Royce Slots

Reels Royce Slots is about as simple as slot machine come. There isn't anything offered on this machine by way of bonus features or special symbols. The designers simply offered up the bare essentials that make up a classic slots machine. The first thing I noticed about this machine were the symbols. I really wasn't too crazy for these symbols because I didn't think there were enough included. I thought that by only offering three different types of symbols the game got very boring and monotonous too quickly. I could really only play this machine for about five minutes before I started to lose interest. The graphics were good in the sense that I never ran into any type of glitch or additional loading screen. The sounds were very generic on this machine and I didn't think they added to the overall playing experience in any significant way. The game also offered a auto play feature but I really didn't think it was need on this machine because there really wasn't any bonus game or special feature to play towards.

Reels Royce Slots Pay Table

Reels Royce Slots Betting Options

The betting options offered on this machine were actually pretty decent for how basic everything else was. There were three different pay lines available for players to bet on which really served to increase the overall winning percentages to a great degree due to the fact that there were only three types of symbols being used. The minimum bet required to spin the reels was a quarter while the maximum bet allowed on any one given spin was fifteen dollars. This isn't a great betting rang but it should meet the needs of most players on a machine so simple.

Overall, I thought this was just too simple of a slots machine for my likings. I really need at least some special symbol or bonus feature to really root for or to get excited about. This game didn't offer this and I thusly got bored of playing it after only a few minutes. I would only recommend this machine to players who are looking for as simple a designer that is possible.