Pirates Paradise Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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Pirates Paradise Slots
Bonus Features:No
Coin Values $//:0.25-5.00
Max Coins:3
Max Per Spin $//:15.00
Winning Lines:3
Wild Symbol:No

Pirates Paradise Slots

Pirates Paradise Slots is about as basic as slot machines come. There wasn't anything in the form of bonus features or special symbols offered on this machine to keep players excited and engaged in the game play. The designers simply aimed to offer the feel and layout of a classic slot machine. The first thing I noticed about this machine were the symbols. I was pleased to find that there were a healthy number of different kinds of symbols used on this machine. This was really important on a machine that was this simple because it helped prevent things from getting boring and monotonous too quickly which is something that three reel machines often suffer from. The graphics weren't all that special on this machine but I did appreciate the fact that I never ran into any types of glitches or additional loading screens once the game was underway. The sound effects were kept very generic and I didn't think they really impacted the game in any significant way. Pirates Paradise Slots also offered an autoplay feature but I didn't think it was very effective seeing as there was no bonus feature to play towards.


Pirates Paradise Slots Paytable

Pirates Paradise Slots Betting Options

The betting options on this machine were kept as simple as everything else was. There was only one pay line for players to bet on with a maximum of three coins. The betting range wasn't all that great either but it should get the job done for most players. The reels could be spun for as little as a quarter or for a maximum of fifteen dollars. I really thought that a machine this simple would have greatly benefited from a minimum bet that was kept at a penny. Many simple slot machine players tend to be penny slot players and this machine doesn't appeal to this demographic.

Overall, I thought this machine was just a little too simple for my likings. I liked the fact that the designers did include a lot of symbols but the lack of betting options and a bonus feature really left me wanting more. I would only recommend this machine to players who are looking for a machine that is as simple as it gets.