Legacy Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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Legacy Slots
Bonus Features:No
Coin Values $//:1.00-25.00
Max Coins:5
Max Per Spin $//:125.00
Winning Lines:5
Wild Symbol:Yes

Legacy Slots

Legacy Slots is a very interesting and unique slot machine. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this particular slot. It is very simple, but has a lot of potential. I really like how many features this slot machine has. Being a 3 reel slot machine, there is normally not much to see. In this one however, there are 5 lines and a wild symbol. Where the problem comes in, is that everything blends in too much. It is very easy to confuse symbols, even though there are only 5 of them.

What I liked the most about this slot machine is that the coins value at up to 25.00. With that kind of coin value and 5 paylines, you can bet up to 125.00 per spin. This is nice, because a lot of other slot machines really limit what you are allowed to bet. It is also fairly easy to win on this slot machine as well which makes it nice that you can bet so much. For some people that could also be a problem for the opposite reason. The minimum amount of money you can be is 1.00 per spin. That would just 1.00 if you were playing only 1 payline. If you wanted to play on all 5 paylines, the minimum bet would actually be 5.00 which can be a lot for the average person.

Legacy Slots Paytable

Legacy Slots Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol is what Legacy Slots revolves around. Besides the wild, the only other symbols are the bars and 7 symbols. In order to win any serious money you will need this symbol to appear on your paylines. The best part about this symbol is that you can win up to 4x more when it appears. The wild substitutes or any other symbol, and when it does you will win a lot more.

For the most part this is a great slot machine to play on. I wasn't too impressed with the theme and the symbols. Also, it could be a problem that there is such a high limit. At the same time, that is the part I like about Legacy Slots. It makes everything very exciting and fun. It really just depends on your situation and your preferences.