Happy New Year Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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Happy New Year Slots
Bonus Features:No
Coin Values $//:1.00-25.00
Max Coins:5
Max Per Spin $//:125.00
Winning Lines:5
Wild Symbol:Yes

Happy New Year Slots

There are literally hundreds of different kinds of slot machines online and offline. The Happy New Years Slot is a pretty interesting 3 reel slot with a couple of different features that are going to set this one apart from your normal 3 reel slots. Overall, the machine is bright, red and gives off a loud feeling. That does make sense though - after all, it is a New Years theme.

The symbols can be pretty difficult to understand at first. They are all pretty much the same, but different colors. The problem that I could see a lot of people having would be with the symbols. You could easily get a couple of them mixed up, which could get confusing. There are 5 different lines to win from, but those are fairly simple to understand - unlike some of the 30+ lines on other slot machines.

Happy New Years Slots Pay Table

Happy New Year Slots Wild Symbol

The wild symbol on this machine is impossible to miss. It is a giant Chinese happy New Year symbol. If you can get those symbols lined up, you can win some pretty huge pots. That symbol can substitute for any other symbol which makes the game a lot more interesting. You will also get a special bonus if when the wild symbol hits, being anywhere from 2x to 4x more than normal.

Overall, the Happy New Year Slots are not the best, but they are worth trying out for sure. The graphics can be a little bit too heavy for some, but are not bad at all. It really depends on your preferences. That is why there are so many different slot machines for you to choose from. Just because one person likes a specific machine does not mean you will feel the same. Try it out, and you might be surprised. It is still a lot of fun, no matter how you look at it.