Good to Go Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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Good to Go Slots
Bonus Features:Yes
Coin Values $//:0.01-1.00
Max Coins:10
Max Per Spin $//:90.00
Winning Lines:9
Wild Symbol:Yes

Good to Go Slots

Good to Go is your standard 5 reel video slot. It contains multiple paylines, a wild symbol, scatter symbol and a couple of special features. When you look at it like that, it is actually better than a lot of 5 reel slot machines out there. Although it does have a lot of features, there is nothing that really stands out and makes this one a favorite. The playability is good and the graphics are good, but there just isn't anything special. I would still recommend giving it some spins, because it is a good slot and there is some good winning potential. The betting options are very flexible, so no matter how little or much you want to bet--you will probably be happy with the betting amounts.

Good to Go Slots Paytable

Good to Go Slots Wild Symbol

The wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols except for the scatter symbol. The wild symbol is a woman with blonde hair holding up a blue wild sign. She is also wearing glasses and a red/white shirt. The wild symbol pays out the most amount of money for combinations as well, which makes it fairly valuable alone. Without the wild symbol, it would be hard to see a lot of winning combinations throughout the paylines.

Good to Go Slots Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol is a speedometer. The scatter symbol pays left to right only, and is multiplied by the total amount bet. Once it is multiplied, it is added to the total payline wins. The scatter symbol is also responsible for triggering the bonus feature as well. The scatter symbol is another one of those symbols that makes this slot machine worth playing.

Good to Go Slots Gamble

Good to Go Slots Bonus

There are a couple of bonus features, that you may or may not consider to be bonuses. There is a free spin feature and there is a gamble feature. To be honest, the free spin feature is really a joke and the gamble feature will just lose you more money if you play it too much. The free spin feature is triggered when 3 or more scatter symbols appear. The problem with the free spin feature is that it only triggers 3 free spins, which might be the lowest I have ever seen. I was very disappointed to see that only 3 spins are triggered. There is nothing special at all about the special features on this slot machine.

Overall, I found this slot machine to be somewhat exciting and have some decent winning potential. For the most part however, it was not that great. It is worth playing to get your own opinion. The theme is a racing theme, which is put together well and the symbols go good with the theme. The graphics are good and the options are even better. It is far from a garbage slot machine--it just doesn't have anything special that makes it stand out from the next one. Good to Go Slots is known more for its racing theme than anything else.