Funhouse Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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Funhouse Slots
Bonus Features:No
Coin Values $//:0.25 - 5.00
Max Coins:5
Max Per Spin $//:25.00
Winning Lines:5
Wild Symbol:Yes

Funhouse Slots has all the right tools to be a good slot machine, but for some reason all the perks it has just don't seem to transfer into winning combinations in the pay lines. It seems quite odd too because there are 5 different pay lines! The thing that might contribute to this negative fact the most is that there are only six different winning combos and there aren't any combos that are "any one" or "any two" of a certain symbol.

The jackpot also has an odd quality. If you use four coins instead of five, you actually get a higher payout (4,000 to 2,500 to be exact). Each additional coin you use qualifies you for a higher payout - except for that one oddity of course. Each additional coin you use also gives you an additional pay line. When I play this slot machine, I usually use four coins just because of the fact that the jackpot pays out higher.

Funhouse Slots Pay Table

Funhouse Slots Wild Symbol

Another reason this slot machine lacks money making power is the fact that the wild symbol, which is the words "Fun House," does not have any great attributes. There is no multiplying pay outs in this slot machine and there is no scatter symbol. The wild symbol does nothing besides substitute for other symbols to complete combinations.

Every time I play this slot machine I seem to lose money quickly. The symbols are aligned on the reels so that it is very difficult for them to line up to make winning combinations, and that is the biggest contributor to all the money loss. There are definitely better slot machines out there and I would recommend skipping this one. If you do find yourself playing it however, be sure to use four coins and never five.