Elementals Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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Elementals Slots
Bonus Features:Yes
Coin Values $//:0.01-0.50
Max Coins:10
Max Per Spin $//:50.00
Winning Lines:20
Wild Symbol:Yes

Elementals Slots

Elementals Slots is a very interesting slot machine, with an even more interesting theme. The basic symbols are all fruits, but the higher paying symbols are characters matching up with the Elementals theme. The slot machine has quite a few features, along with a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. With a maximum bet of 100 coins at a max value of 0.50 per coin, you are getting some pretty exciting opportunities. If you are one looking to bet small amounts, you can actually bet as little as 0.01 per spin if that was your choice. There are a lot of options, that give all players of all preferences opportunities to play.

Elementals Slots Paytable

Elementals Slots Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is easy to define, because it says the word "wild". The designer has managed to make the symbol very interesting, given the fact that it is just a word. It actually fits the theme very well, and gives it some excitement. The symbol substitutes for all of the other symbols except for the scatter symbol and the trigger symbol. This is the symbol that really defines how the game ends up for you.

Elementals Slots Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol is also very easy to define as well. While you are playing you will see a symbol that has the word scatter on it. That is obviously the scatter symbol. The scatter wins are multiplied by the total number of credits that were bet. After that, they are added to the payline wins and put into you account. The scatter symbol adds a hint of hope into you sessions, because it is fairly easy to put together a winning combination.

Elementals Slots Gamble

Elementals Slots Bonus

The bonus game is not exactly what many would hope to see out of a bonus game. It is not much more than free pin feature, which in my opinion is just as good, if not better. All wins during the feature are doubled, and you get 20 free spins. Not only that, but the free spins feature can be re-activated during the feature. In order to get to the feature, you must get the symbol (which is sun with an E in the middle of it) on reels 1 and 5 on the same spin.

Elementals Slots is a very fun slot machine. It is not too hard to get to any of the specific features offered. The bonus is fairly easy to get to. The wild symbol comes up quite a bit and so does the scatter symbol. There are lots of different playing options, which makes the game easy to play for any audience. The playability is fantastic and the graphics are good as well. I wasn't a big fan of the theme, but that is strictly personal preference. As far as the actual slot machine goes--it was very good.