Diamond Deal Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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Diamond Deal Slots
Bonus Features:Yes
Coin Values $//:1.00
Max Coins:3
Max Per Spin $//:3.00
Winning Lines:1
Wild Symbol:Yes

Diamond Deal Slots is a slot machine that will deplete your coin count very, very slowly. The slot machine looks nice - it has a bonus game, a wild symbol, and the colors are really soothing - but the extras that the game has just don't add up. The max bet of 3.00 limits you from making any strategic bets so they you have better chances on winning money on certain spins than other ones, and the game is always on a fixed value of one. A fixed value of one and a max bet of 3.00 can be good on certain slot machines, but those two limitations just make it so you lose money a little slower.

The theme of the slot machine is ok. The diamond symbols look pretty cool and they kind of lure you in at first site. There are eight different winning combinations and each additional coin you use qualifies you for higher pay outs for every different combo. The jackpots go from 500 coins, to 1,000 coins, to 3,000 coins.

Diamond Deal Slots Pay Table

Diamond Deal Slots Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in this game is the huge and alluring diamond. It doesn't do much besides substitute for other symbols. It is not a multiplier symbol, it is not a scatter symbol, and it does not substitute for the bonus game trigger. It is just an ordinary wild symbol. Three wild symbols make up the jackpot.

Diamond Deal Slots Bonus

Diamond Deal Bonus Game

To qualify for the bonus game you have to bet all three coins, and with a fixed value of 1 that means you are betting the max every time. You have to collect four jewelry boxes to be able to play the game, and that unfortunately takes a very long amount of time. If you don't start this game with more than 300.00, than you have a scary legitimate chance of not even being able to get to play the bonus game.

The bonus game isn't really fun either. All you do is pick a jewelry boxes that you think has the most coins in it. If you pick the wrong one, and make a minimum amount of coins, then you just wasted a long time of losing 3.00 every other spin.

This slot machine is only worth playing if you have enough money to play until you can win the bonus game a couple of times. Do not play this game if you are planning on starting with a low amount of coins. You have to give yourself some room to lose money on this slot machine before you make it on the bonus game or on the jackpots.