Diamond 7's Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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Diamond 7's Slots
Bonus Features:No
Coin Values $//:0.25 - 5.00
Max Coins:3
Max Per Spin $//:15.00
Winning Lines:1
Wild Symbol:No

Diamond 7's Slots is a slot machine where there are never too many "lows" and never too many "highs." What I mean by saying that is that you never lose too much money real fast and you never really gain too much money really fast. Even if you catch the relatively low jackpots of 500, 1,000, and 2,500 coins (depending on how many coins you choose to use), you still aren't winning as much coins as you would on other slot machines. Most slot machines, three reel ones included, have higher paying jackpots than this one if the maximum bet limit is 15.00

This slot machine does have ten different combinations, which means it isn't the most basic slot machine out there, but it is somewhat basic and if you are going to play on a basic slot machine then it at least has to be a more winning slot machine than the ones that are not basic. Winning coins isn't something that happens a lot on this slot machine.


Diamond 7's Slots Pay Table

Diamond 7's Slots Symbols

The symbols are your basic "7," "bar," and "cherry" symbols. There are six different symbols because the bar is divided into groups of three, two, and singles, but those six different symbols make up 10 different combinations by virtue of the "any" characteristic. You can have any 7's to complete the third highest combo, any bars to complete the 7th highest combo, and rounding out the bottom two are any two cherries and any one cherry.

This slot machine might be a good one to start out on if you feel like warming up for a bit. It isn't that good of a slot machine to wait around on the jackpot for though because the jackpots aren't that big and you might end up losing too many coins before you even get there. I would start out on this slot machine to warm up because it is so basic and good for getting a feel for the slots, and it is extremely hard to get confused on, but after I made a minimum amount of money I would cash out and move on.