Cutesy Pie Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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Cutesy Pie Slots
Bonus Features:No
Coin Values $//:0.25 - 5.00
Max Coins:3
Max Per Spin $//:15.00
Winning Lines:1
Wild Symbol:No

Cutesy Pie Slots is a slot machine that doesn't have too much to offer. It does, however have ten different winning combinations, which is good, but that is about the only likeable thing about this slot machine. The ratio of the max bet, which is 15.00, and the max pay out, which is 2,500 isn't exactly where you would like it to be. It is a below average jackpot total and to get to the highest jackpot you have to use all three coins. The jackpot for the first coin is 500 coins and the jackpot for the second coin you use is 1,000 coins - so all three jackpots are pretty low compared to other three reel slot machines.

The theme of cutesy pie is really underutilized in this slot machine as well. For example, the two highest winning combos are just two different colored plain 7's. The only symbol that goes along with the theme is a pink heart that has "I love you!" stamped on it. Besides that small glimpse of originality, this slot machine is pretty basic.


Cutesy Pie Slots Pay Table

Cutesy Pie Slots Symbols

There are no wild symbols, scatter symbols, or multiplier symbols, or anything like that at all. This slot machine is flooded with the most basic symbols all the way up to the jackpot. From highest value to lowest the symbols include: blue 7's, yellow 7's, any combination of the two 7's, a group of three bar symbols, a group of two bar symbols, a single bar symbol, the "any bar" symbol, three "I love you!" hearts, any two "I love you!" hearts, and finally just any one "I love you1" heart.

This slot machine is a sub-par one. Not only does it lack originality, but it is one of those slot machines that you can never get too far ahead on, if you get ahead at all. The ten different combinations are cool but there isn't enough to keep you satisfied for too long.