Cashsplash 3-reel Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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Cashsplash 3-reel Slots
Bonus Features:No
Coin Values $//:1.00
Max Coins:3
Max Per Spin $//:3.00
Winning Lines:1
Wild Symbol:Yes

Cashsplash 3-reel Slots is a slot machine that is solely dependent on its progressive jackpot. You don't seem to catch a lot of combinations in this one and you lose money quickly if you don't pay attention. The reason you don't catch a lot of combos is because the creators of this game are smart and made the symbols larger than usual. Instead of three symbols being able to fit on the visible side of the reel you can only see two, and if you are lucky sometimes two and a half.

There is a fixed value of one and with a max of three coins that means your max bet is 3.00. There nine different winning combinations but they do not seem to come up too often. Each additional coin you use qualifies you for a higher payout for all of the combos. You must use three coins to qualify for the progressive jackpot, which is shown in credits, not coins.

Cashsplash 3-reel Slots Pay Table

Cashsplash 3-reel Slots Wild Symbol

The wild symbol, which is the words "cash splash," is actually somewhat useful. It is a multiplier symbol and it doubles payouts when one of them completes a combo and it quadruples them when two of them complete a combo. Three of them get you a jackpot and it is found in all three reels.

This game is definitely worth playing just so you can hit that progressive jackpot once every gazillion years. The fixed value of one makes it so you can't lose money too fast even though it is possible if you do not pay attention and it gives you the time you need to wait around for the progressive jackpot. This is a game of waiting and you have to have the ultimate patience if you plan on succeeding in this slot machine.