CashSplash 5-Reel Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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CashSplash 5-Reel Slots
Bonus Features:No
Coin Values $//:0.20
Max Coins:1
Max Per Spin $//:3.00
Winning Lines:15
Wild Symbol:Yes

CashSplash 5-Reel Slots

It is not all that common to find a good progressive slot machine. Most of them within the Microgaming network are fairly lame. I definitely think that CashSplash has one of the more interesting progressives, although it is still a bit on the weak side. Of course the highlight of it is the progressive jackpot, which gets up there pretty good. The problem that I have is that they really limit your betting, and the features. The reason is because of the jackpot that they are paying out, but it is not like that jackpot is easy to get. On the bright side, it does have good playability and some great graphics along with a wild symbol and scatter symbol.

CashSplash 5-Reel Slots Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is the cash splash symbol, which is the best symbol in the game for two different reasons. First of all, it substitutes for all other symbols except for the scatter symbol. Secondly, it triggers the progressive jackpot, which of course is the ultimate goal of this specific slot machine. The wild symbol is the main part that makes this one interesting when you are not getting progressive jackpots.


CashSplash 5-Reel Slots Paytable

CashSplash 5-Reel Slots Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol is another part that brings some excitement into this limited slot machine. The scatter symbol just says the word scatter on it, so you can easily identify it. The scatter symbol pays any way so it is easy to get. It doesn't pay out too much, but it happens often. The scatter wins are added to the payline wins. Before that, the scatter wins are multiplied by the total number of credits staked.

CashSplash 5-Reel Slots Progressive

The progressive is pretty hard to get, as it is in most games. In order to land that massive jackpot, you must spin the cash splash symbol 5 times on the 15th payline and also you must be betting the max. So you can see, it is pretty difficult to achieve--but it happens. The jackpot is not as much as a lot of other progressive games, which is another disappointment. Still, it is nice to be able to win it, if you can get lucky enough.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this slot machine above others unless you are a big progressive fan. If you are, then this one is a lot more interesting than others. A lot of progressives are base solely around that; and there is nothing more to the game. This does have some more with the 15 lines and different symbols. The biggest downside is that the coin value is fixed at 0.20 and you can only bet 1 coin. Still, CashSplash 5-Reel Slots is put together very well. It is also fast and reliable, which is always nice.