Belissimo Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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Belissimo Slots
Bonus Features:No
Coin Values $//:0.25 - 5.00
Max Coins:5
Max Per Spin $//:25.00
Winning Lines:5
Wild Symbol:Yes

Belissimo Slots is a slot machine with the theme of an Italian restaurant. It is a three reel, five pay line slot and it has 5 different symbols: The Wild Symbol, which is the face of an Italian Chef, the "7" symbol, a group of three bar symbols, a group of two bar symbols, and one single bar symbol.

You can use up to five coins, and each additional coin that you use qualifies you for another pay line, so for example you would have to use all five coins to qualify for all five pay lines. Three of the pay lines go across the screen horizontally and two of the pay lines can be made on a diagonal.

Belissimo Slots Pay Table

Belissimo Slots Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol is the face of a chef with a huge chef hat on and a big black mustache. It is the only symbol in the slot machine that goes along with the theme of an Italian restaurant and it substitutes for any other symbol to complete a combination. I like that the Wild Symbol is in all three reels, but I do not like the fact that it does not double or triple the pay out if it completes any combinations like some other slots' Wild Symbols do.

Even though this slot machine has five pay lines, which is a lot for a three reel, it is still kind of boring, even right down to the Wild symbol, which doesn't offer as much "wildness" as other slot machines do, like doubling or quadrupling pay outs. The colors go along with the theme, but the slot machine doesn't do much besides have one of the symbols the face of a chef to make it exciting or alluring. It is a poor man's multi pay line slot machine.