World Tour 5.00 Slots - Online Slot Machine Review

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World Tour Slots
Bonus Features:Yes
Coin Values $//:1.00-5.00
Max Coins:15
Max Per Spin $//:75.00
Winning Lines:15
Wild Symbol:Yes
Software:Grand Virtual

World Tour Slots

World Tour Slots is a pretty advanced five reel slots machine that offers a nice array of various bonus features and special symbols. I wasn't really blown away by anything the designers did on this machine, as I've seen them done many times before, but it was still a pretty fun play. The first thing I noticed about this slots machine were the betting options that were made available. I definitely think this was a machine designed for players with slightly large bank rolls. This is mainly because of how the betting range was set up as players could spin the reel for as little as a dollar or for as much as 75 dollars. I liked the fact that the designers decided to included fifteen different pay lines for players to bet on. This really helped provide a winning percentage that almost guaranteed constant winning action which made the game more engaging and thusly more exciting. This machine also offered a gamble feature that became available after any winning spin. After a win you simply just pressed the gamble feature where you had to guess either the color or the suit of the next card to be flipped over. If you guessed the color right your winnings were doubled and if you guessed the suit correctly your winnings were quadrupled. Of course, if you guessed incorrectly for either all you winnings for that spin were automatically lost.

World Tour Slots Pay Table

World Tour Slots Wild Symbol

I thought the wild symbol offered on this machine was a little too simple for my likings. I thought the designers really should have thought about adding some other feature to this symbol so that it really had a big impact on the overall game play. The symbol itself was a picture of a blue ferry boat. It appeared on every reel and could be used to substitute for any symbol in the game other than the scatter and bonus symbols. While I thought this symbol was effective in increasing the overall winning percentages, which was needed all that badly, I just didn't find any reason to get all the excited about it and I hardly noticed it while I was playing.

World Tour Slots Scatter Symbol And Bonus Feature

The scatter symbol offered on World Tour Slots was a picture of an orange train. This symbol appeared on every reel and was used to award a prize whenever two or more appeared anywhere on the screen together. In addition to this, the scatter symbol was also used to award free spins. If three scatter symbols appeared then ten free spins were awarded, if four scatter symbols appeared then twenty free spins were awarded, and if five appeared then fifty free spins were awarded. I thought this was pretty tame for a scatter symbol too but I did like the fact that the ten free spins were pretty easy to obtain so they did have a pretty big impact on the overall game.

World Tour Slots Bonus Game

World Tour Slots Bonus Game

The bonus symbol offered on World Tour Slots was a picture of a green plane. This symbol appeared on every reel and its sole purpose was in activate the bonus game. The bonus game was activated whenever three or more bonus symbols appeared anywhere on the screen together at the same time. When the bonus game was activated you were taken to a different screen where you had to choose different destination from around the world to travel to. Each destination awarded a random prize and the game ended after you had made five choices. I thought this was a pretty cool bonus game because it was easy to obtain and it pretty much guaranteed that you were going to leave with at least a more than decent prize.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty slots machine but nothing special in my estimation. Though the designers did a lot of things very well I still thought there were a lot of areas for improvement. The wild symbol and scatter symbol could have had a few more things added to them to really made them noticeable and to get players actually rooting for and getting excited about them.