Best Online Slots Payouts - Which Casinos Have The Highest Payout %

Best Slots Payouts
If you are someone who enjoys playing on the slot machines, you may not even be aware that there are ways to maximize the chance of getting great pay offs much more often with some of the best slots payouts available. The statistics that are used for determining how loose a slot machine is may be confusing at first, but it is merely a very simple statistic that can help players easily choose between slot machines on the casino floor, or even online slot machines, in order to make the best slots payouts possible.

These Are The Top Payout %'s For Online Slots For 2011

Go Casino - 98.6% Payout -  Go Casino - up to $20,000 Slots Bonus (USA Players Accepted - No Canadian Players Accepted)

Europa Casino Bonus
- 98.3% Payout - Win Palace Casino - up to £3000/$3000/€3000 Bonus (USA Accepted)

SuperSlots Bonus
- 98.3% Payout - SuperSlots Casino - 100% to $4500 Slots Bonus (USA Players Accepted - No Canadian Players Accepted)

Rome Casino Bonus
- 97.8% Payout - Rome Casino - 200% to $5000 Slots Bonus (USA Players Accepted)

Best Slots Payouts Percentages
Before listing some of the best slots payouts in a few online casinos, it may be best to explain how to tell what the slots payouts percentage means. When a slot machine has a high percentage, such as 97%, this means that the slot machine has a 3% house advantage, which is rather low. A 97% payout percentage is actually one of the best slots payout percentages available, and on average casinos have slots with a 95% payout percentage. If one is in an actual casino and needs help finding the slots payout percentages for the different slot machines, and the percentage is not displayed on the slot machine, the player can go ask an employee because they are required to help with this matter according to law.

As of July of 2008, the best slots payouts for online casinos were as follows: Casino Tropez, Crazy Vegas, Casino Kingdom, 777 Dragon, and Sun Palace. All of these poker rooms had payout percentages that were above 96%, which means that they normally pay out slightly more often than other online poker rooms. The percentage can vary from as high as 98% all the way down to an abysmal 75%, but it is up to the player to find out the actual percentage.

Making the Best Slots Payouts with Different Machines

Two distinct types of slot machines exist in the casino. The first type of slot machine is called a progressive slot machine, and this machines best slots payouts involves a large jackpot that gathers over time, as more players put money into the machine. While this means that the jackpot can get incredibly large, the player normally is required to place the maximum bet for the slot machine in order to win the progressive jackpot, and the chances of winning it is often not very good. Some people organize teams that work in the same group of progressive slots and split the winnings. The normal slots offer the best slots payouts because while each individual payoff is low, they occur much more often than progressive jackpots are meant to happen.

Using a machine with a high payoff percentage does not guarantee a player a winning slots spin, but the player can make for the best slots payouts possible by sticking to machines that are designed to pay low and pay often.